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Dog the Bounty Hunter: Taking It to the Streets (NR)

A&E Entertainment (Release date: June 12)

Like a real-life white trash Justice League, bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman and his parodic brood wear cartoonish uniforms, have swaggering personalities and take down criminals with bear mace and a firm belief in Jesus. In this latest compilation, Dog and crew venture between Hawaii and, yes, Colorado Springs, busting meth addicts, slamming their faces into the concrete while calling them mothereffers, and then offering them a cigarette as they proselytize. As always, there's just something so addictive about seeing these guys (kinda) risk their lives to bring in the dregs of the Earth in the most trailer-park violent way possible, only to tell them of God's undying love. — Louis Fowler

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Certified Copy (NR)

Criterion Collection

For his first film made beyond Iran, his home country, writer-director Abbas Kiarostami builds an admirable filmic obstacle course within a simple tale. A gallery owner (Juliette Binoche, Best Actress at Cannes last year for this role) takes an art critic (William Shimell) on a walking tour of a whimsical Tuscan village. As they discuss, Before Sunrise/Sunset-style, the concepts of authenticity, romance and domesticity, Kiarostami reveals his French New Wave intentions as the couple's husband-wife role play eases into a semi-genuine, seemingly ancient marriage quarrel. It's a dizzying, picturesque outing. — Justin Strout

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Demoted (R)

Anchor Bay (Release date: June 12)

David Cross held so much promise, so much hope. From Mr. Show and Arrested Development, to albums like Shut Up, You F*cking Baby, he was possibly, after Chris Rock, the funniest comedian. But he chose to destroy all that accrued hipster cred by appearing in just about every crap movie he was offered, including this rip-off of Office Space and Horrible Bosses, the properly titled Demoted. He's an arrogant jerk, promoted over slackers Michael Vartan and Sean Astin, and uses his newfound power to destroy their lives. Women are treated like sub-Mad Men second-class citizens. I hope you bought yourself something nice with the paycheck, Mr. Cross. — Louis Fowler


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