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City Council's decisions affect everyone living within the Springs. But how closely do we follow who sits on Council, and how they represent us?

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Renee LaLone of the west side is a cosmetologist

How would you describe your level of interest in the upcoming City Council elections? About medium, right in the middle.

Do you know what district you're in, and do you plan on voting? I don't know my district, but I do plan on voting.

If you were on City Council, what would be your priorities? Fixing the potholes, better public transportation and better lunches for school kids.

How would you rate the overall interest in local elections? Probably about 50/50. Some people are interested, but mostly if they're homeowners.

What do you think are some of the biggest issues facing our city? Most people are too conservative; we need to lighten up a little.

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Daniel Kennedy of the northeast side is a small-business owner

In general, do you think there's much interest in local elections? When we had the decision to make about going with a strong mayor, the interest was very high, but I haven't heard much buzz about City Council.

Speaking of the mayor, how do you think he's doing? From what I've seen so far, I think he's doing a really good job.

What do you think are some of the biggest issues facing Colorado Springs? Water, or the lack thereof; what we're doing with it and who we're selling it to. And the infrastructure is another big issue.

Do you think the city is headed in the right direction? Yes, because we've seen and lived through enough tragedy to humble us into relying on Almighty God instead of our own "brilliant intellect."

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Patti Rupp of the west side is a customer service representative

How would you rate your interest in April's City Council election? About medium, I guess. I'm not sure it will make much of a difference who's elected.

Why do you feel that way? There's such a conservative base here, and we can't seem to get past that.

Do you know who's running in your district? No, not yet, because they changed the districts, but I'll find out before election time. I always vote.

What would be your priority if you were on City Council? Maintaining the parks, and deciding the pot issue. Let's just do it.

Do you think the city is moving in a good direction? We could do better. We depend so much on tourism, it should be a huge priority to get people here who have dollars to spend.


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