City 'grossly negligent' in stewardship of land 

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Good afternoon,

The section of the Barr Trail that we acquired in the land swap is a National Recreation Trail. The City likes to refer to itself as Proud Stewards of America's Mountain. My understanding is that this land is an ecological disaster. Because this trail was built before drainage issues were understood, it is not sustainable in its present condition. The City has owned this land for two and a half years, you are grossly negligent in your stewardship of this land.

The email I got from our Parks Dept. on June 13th stated that the trail needs only $40,000 of maintenance each year. That statement is untrue. Did the City intentionally provide me with false information? What is the actual cost of the total repairs needed on that land?

At the meeting on February 24th, 2016 the City mentioned problems on this land. They said that the land had erosion damage and drainage issues. I spoke about those and other problems on that land, and began asking what the estimated cost of the repairs would be.

Did the City investigate the cost of the repairs during the public comment process? I find it nearly impossible to believe that they did not do so. After the meeting on February 24th the City never mentioned the need for work on that land again.

I have repeatedly asked the City Council to investigate these issues. What have you found? Did any City official learn the cost of the needed repairs during the public comment process, and withhold those facts from the public? Doing so would constitute a crime, and invalidate the entire public comment process. Please tell us what this Council has found.
Even if the failure to inform the public of the cost of the repairs was an honest mistake, the public comment process is still invalid because the public was deprived of the ability to make an informed decision.

This land was appraised at $1.3 million. Clearly the Broadmoor failed to inform the appraiser that it needs repairs that may cost up to one million dollars, and therefore that appraisal cannot be valid.

If the public had been informed of the cost of the repairs, I do not believe that the City Council would have approved the land swap. Knowledge is responsibility, the City Council has to disclose to the public what you now understand.

Thank you.
—Carl Strow



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