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Catastrophic conflagrations, smoke-dimmed skies, horrific footage of flaming homes ... life in Colorado hasn’t been a bowl of cherries in recent summers.

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Alice Foster of Hillside delivers newspapers

Are all the wildfires burning in Colorado changing your perspective on living in Colorado Springs? We moved here four years ago and it seems like summers here are on fire, and winters are worse. We love the mountains and it's beautiful, but we're thinking about moving back east.

What's your take on requiring mitigation for fire-prone properties? It's an absolute must. It saves houses.

How do you feel about fireworks shows like the one in Monument getting cancelled? I understand the need. I think most people do.

The fires have many people hoping for rain, but that could cause flooding in burnt-out areas. Is this dilemma our new normal? I hope not, but it's looking more and more that way.

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Ethan Beeman of Pueblo is a high school teacher

Are the wildfires making you rethink living where you do? Not living in Pueblo, and not in Colorado, but I'd never live in the mountains or a wooded area now.

What image stands out for you in recent weeks? A crew of firefighters on the deck of a house, trying to save it.

How do you feel about cancellation of Fourth of July fireworks shows? They probably should be cancelled this year, but I really enjoy them.

Rain that would help control wildfires puts burnt-out areas in danger of flooding. Is this no-win trade-off the new normal? Rain brings up mudslide issues, but drought makes wildfires more likely, and my ranch in Pueblo needs rain bad.

What's your closest call with natural disaster? Driving down Parker Road a few years back with a tornado moving perfectly parallel to us, a hundred yards away.

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Sam Cauchy of the Homewood Point area is a nanny

Are these fires making you rethink living here? I just moved here from Georgia, so no. As a matter of fact, wildfires are good for forests, but they should be from natural causes, not human.

Should the government require mitigation of properties at risk of wildfire? It should be left up to the person. It's OK for people to build their homes in the forest.

How do you feel about Fourth of July fireworks shows being cancelled? We shouldn't have them if they're fire hazards.

What's your closest encounter with a natural disaster? Some amazing storms back in Georgia. Houses near to us were destroyed by falling trees.


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