Colorado leads the national gun-control discussion 

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Colorado leads the national discussion on gun control, with stricter state provisions on gun ownership recently passing the House. Next up, the Senate.

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David Welker from Fort Carson is an Army infantryman

Knowing what you know about Colorado gun laws, what elements would you keep? I know I don't reflect most of what my buddies in the infantry feel about gun control, and, you know, limitations and restrictions, but my personal belief is the more restrictions the better. More guns in more people's hands usually just means more potential problems, not necessarily more protection.

What thoughts do you have about the recent gun control bills passed in the Colorado House? ... it's encouraging to know that there is at least a response from the state to do something about gun control because in the recent months it's been more apparent than ever that there is a problem in our country.

How do you feel about the no-guns-on-college-campuses provision? Well, for someone who is getting out of the Army and is very used to being around guns, and going back to school, I'm more comfortable with the idea of going to a college campus that doesn't have guns. Even though I'm used to it, I would just be more comfortable with less guns in a school environment.

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Nicole Freyschlag from Colorado Springs is a teacher

Knowing what you know about Colorado gun laws, what elements would you keep or change? I would agree with a lot of other people nowadays saying that there should be a whole lot more to purchase. Like the whole background-check thing. I think the option to open-carry or concealed-carry is fine; I would keep that. But on college campuses? I would probably change that.

Do you think restrictions on gun sales and magazine capacity will impact future tragedies? I don't think so. I mean, I obviously support trying to eliminate those, but I think that if people are going to want to do something like that, they are going to figure out how.

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Joe Bruno from downtown is a musician/activist

Knowing what you know about Colorado gun laws, what elements would you keep or completely change? I don't know, not restrict it too much. 'Cause I feel the more restriction, the more implementation you do — yeah, it's a lot more work for responsible gun owners, but in the end you know ... the more you intervene with things like that, the easier you're going to make it for a black market to exist.

What thoughts do you have about gun bills passed in the House? I think that we need to focus more ... on mental health, and focus more on changing, I don't know, getting into those rough neighborhoods where those kind of things are going on and contributing more to neighborhood outreach programs.

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