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It's pure piffle

Pam Zubeck just hit another home run with her article "The Puppeteers" (cover story, Nov. 18)! We should all be afraid, very afraid, when a group of largely anonymous wealthy people and developers attempts to select candidates for office and promote causes. All the blather about focusing on what is best for the community is pure piffle. Every voter should be suspicious of candidates promoted by Colorado Springs Forward as one can expect they will be nothing more than CSF handmaidens. Perhaps that's the reason for their lack of transparency. Most of us can think of numerous ways to improve the city, but changing the governance of the city-owned utility, building the stadium downtown and trading Strawberry Fields aren't among them.

Congratulations to John Weiss and the group of local activists creating a diverse, transparent civic organization that will be announced in January. In the meantime, we all need to demand that any candidate for public office disclose her/his affiliation with or donations from CSF.

Pam Zubeck's article was an outstanding public service.

— Mary J. Talbott

Colorado Springs

Promises, promises

Having watched you shoot your mouth off continuously throughout the campaign, you damn sure better build that wall. Better shove the bill for the wall down Mexico's throat. Better deport all 11 million-plus illegal immigrants. You damn sure better ban all Muslims from entering this country. Just keep your promises. Or are you just another lying sack of shit politician?

Where are your tax returns? Where is the audit letter from the IRS? You damn sure better put Hillary Clinton in jail. You damn sure better sue every woman who accused you. You damn sure better create good jobs here in the U.S. You damn sure better fix everything you promised and it sure as fuck better be GREAT.

Please explain how you intend to get a Republican Congress to pay for ANY of the projects you promised, such as massive infrastructure upgrades and YUGE increases in the military. Please explain how you're going to be a president for ALL Americans, including all the people you tossed out of your rallies such as the young boy with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair. Please explain how you intend to unite this country when most of the Republicans in office who voted for you after trashing you during the campaign still feel the same about you — let alone anyone else who isn't a racist bigot.

Non-partisan fact-checking organizations proved you lied every 31/2 minutes throughout the campaign. Please explain why we should believe anything you say?

You have promised to rebuild and upgrade all our schools; please explain how you intend to get Republicans who have spent the last two decades destroying the public school system to pay for this. The national debt is approaching $20 trillion dollars. Please explain how you plan to pay off this debt while fulfilling your promise to cut taxes and yet still massively invest in infrastructure, schools, inner cities, military spending, VA spending, and replacing Obamacare with something "great."

You won the election on these promises. Now keep them.

— John Gallegos


Back to the future

It's not a switch from Daylight Savings Time, but set your clocks back now — about 50 years. The destruction has already begun.

Civil rights, women's rights, gay rights, immigrants' rights, marijuana rights, and so many more advances which took decades to achieve are now already under attack. President-elect Trump is moving fast to put cabinet heads and department heads in charge of agencies and functions that the appointees hate vigorously, and can be expected to sabotage from within. Hate Big Government? Take it over and destroy it from the inside. They said they would do it, and now they are.

People are running scared. They should be. There will be four long years of this.

It's midnight in America. Set your clocks.

— Larimore Nicholl

Colorado Springs

Greater together

Who is it that is dividing Americans? Is it "Them" or is it us? Have you taken a good look at your neighbors, co-workers, friends and family members lately? Are you sure they all agree with your ideas 100 percent? And if they don't, do you really want to come to blows or start shouting vile things at them? How much are you in agreement with them? Do you remember how to carry on civil discourse?

A very dear lady works at the desk across from mine. Politically we disagree on so many points, but we are both passionately devoted to our country and strongly desire what is best for us all. We don't think twice about helping each other through our days. Neither of us would ever be willfully rude to the other. Our different views and talents make us greater together.

In a few weeks we will have a different government. Our government serves us. Our president serves all of us. We must hold him to it. We must open our minds to what every citizen has a right to expect. Each one of us is a minority of one.

Our neighbors, co-workers, friends and families will be pretty much the same. Remember to honor and cherish them.

— Shannon C. Davis

Colorado Springs

Wind in their hair

In response to "Let's be sensible," (Letters, Nov. 16), I agree that many younger motorcycle riders are less experienced and therefore rider protection is important. I have a problem with what was also written: that all older riders are "wiser and better-skilled," and therefore can make smarter decisions regarding use of safety gear. (Perhaps the intent was not "all" older riders, but that is how I read it.)

First, many older riders are returning to motorcycling after years of not riding, and they neglect to partake in rider education because they did so years ago, or they don't feel they have to because they are "older and wiser." But today's bikes are more powerful, the brakes are touchier and stronger, there's more traffic, and drivers are way more distracted. And these older riders are getting into accidents — hopefully they are wearing rider protection.

Second, let's not mislead non-riders by claiming that choosing not to wear a helmet has anything to do with deciding what type of safety gear to use. That decision amounts to "no safety," and yes, I am sure many riders do indeed love the wind in their hair. Not wearing a helmet is usually simply a matter of exercising rights and displaying freedom from government regulation of our favorite pastime, rather than anything to do with safety. Surely there are other factors for some, but unfortunately, I believe many bikers and motorcyclists feel this symbolic "nose thumbing" at Big Brother is worth their life. I've been riding for 25 years and will keep wearing mine.

— Jeff Cahill

Colorado Springs

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