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Coming of age 

Long Story Short

After 21 years, memories get fuzzy. But there are things Teri Homick remembers pretty well about the Indy's early days.

A senior account executive at the time, she remembers that her gay friends from out of town refused to visit, scared off by Colorado Springs' reputation for intolerance.

She remembers Gazette-Telegraph colleagues telling her she was crazy for leaving the stability of her job there — and thinking that they might be right.

She remembers everyone in the Indy office helping with tasks outside their areas of expertise because, well, sometimes no one really knew what they were doing.

"Also," she says, "the microwave caught on fire."

But the memory that's most vivid is of making sales calls that would start like this:

"'Hey, this is Teri from the Independent.'

"'Oh, the record store — that must be so much fun!'

"We had that a lot, like at least 20, 30 percent of the time," Homick says. "That's when we kind of knew we had made it, when we went like a year and you hadn't heard that."

There's no record of exactly when that change occurred, but the Independent and Independent Records have been coexisting peacefully for a while. The paper has also managed to overcome labels like "the gay paper" and "the sex paper," though we'll still hear that we're "the marijuana paper" now and then.

But for all the things we're not, most of this birthday issue is dedicated to what we are. Hope you enjoy.


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