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Re: “Letters

Easy there, droog! We are big enough people, I think, to tolerate the noisome rants and comments of someone like "Magoo". If he wants to have the last word, let him. We are bigger and more tolerant than he is. Let people continue to see - as an e-mail I recieved confirms- that he is one of the biggest race-baiters though he professes to be the opposite. Again, let him have his say - he will anway, and there isn't anything you can do about it. You will just wear yorself out. Chill out, and forget about Mxyzptik. There are more things in life than replying to him!

Posted by Copernicus on 05/28/2008 at 11:56 AM

Re: “Letters

Hey Copper, if "99% of the rationale for not voting Obama is racist" then I guess half of the Democratic party is racist as right about half of them voted for someone other than Obama. Damn, that is a lot of racists out there. ----------- You're quite correct, sad to say, which merely reinforces my point (can't speak for droog) on how racism permeates the entire society and all parts of the political spectrum. Btw, and fyi, I have not been a democrat for over twenty two years. I became an independent that lone ago and have remained such....though yes, I often vote D. (Since the Rs are far more racist and have more racists in their higher ranks, than the Ds. Robert Byrd may have been a former Grand Cyclops at one time -but he's now a racial changeling, as opposed to Ashcroft, Lott, and many of the high ranking Rs) But the general point remains: there is widespread racism and yes, it does affect a segment of D-voters too, alas and unfortunately. To Droog: It seems evident that given his few accomplishments in life, Mr. M. is determined to have the last word. For me, this thread has exhausted all aspects of discussion and it is clear we are not going to change Magoo's febrile mind any more than he will change ours. So, on that note, I am going to engage in more productive activities! Kudos to you if you continue, however. But I simply don't see the point. We're just wasting bandwdith with Magoo!

Posted by Copernicus on 05/27/2008 at 10:05 AM

Re: “Letters

"The only reason someone can possibly have for not voting for a black man is the color of his skin." Well, given the racial history of this nation, the fact that segregation still remains in some pockets of the South (de facto if nothing else, e.g. by suburb and population distribution) shows it is not implausible at all to attribute racial reasons for not voting for a credible black man. Oh....then we have the those e-mails that Joan Walsh cited in her article, all referencing "nigger" - directed at the Indiana state Senator that had endorsed Obama. WHY would they use the epithet "nigger" if they weren't racist? WHY did these comprise the bulk of the content in the e-mails (sent by white people) to the Senator? Like it or not, 99% of the rationale for not voting Obama is racist, though cowards will no doubt rationalize some specious double-talk motive like "too inexperienced in national security" or "too close to that wacko Rev. Wright". Anything to avoid admitting the truth! But when Obama's young canvassers visited the homes in PA, KY, IN, WVA to try to secure votes and were greeted with shouts of: "we wanna hang that nigger!" they knew what was up, and they weren't stupid. (As reported in the Washington Post one week ago)

Posted by Copernicus on 05/26/2008 at 11:18 AM

Re: “Letters

droogoy wrote: "Phantom fears"! Like the 22,000 race crime victims - burned, branded, beaten or dragged (on the bumpers of pickups) by one of the more than 1500 hate organizations in the US of A last year!" Actually, the number of racial hate crimes is more like 49,000 /year since most are unreported and the majority occur in schools where they are often mistaken for "bullying". (But when a kid scrawls 'KKK' on the back of another kid, with a knife blade, that is hardly mere bullying, though the proto-racists would dearly like to make it so) Btw, did you see the MSNBC report this a.m. on racism in the Secret Service? Evidently, black agents have found nooses hanging in their offices, and photographs of the agents have been whited out with what else....what out! It is a pity that some are prepared to turn the blame around from themselves and their own odious enabling behavior to others. No wonder this country isn't much further than it was race-wise, since 1970.

Posted by Copernicus on 05/26/2008 at 11:10 AM

Re: “Letters

"The point being made is you lefties make up the real majority of racists. Dees and his crew work to distract the public away from the truth by focusing on a scant handful of hardcore righty racists." Oh yeah! Righto! Dees "and his crew" are distracting the public by doing what the Mainstream media won't! Like detailing the 1500 hate organizations in the country, the tens of thousands of racially-motivated beatings, brandings and hate crimes occurring each year - perpetrated by a "handful" (actully one of 1500 HAT ORGANIZATIONS!). Yeah, that turr'ble feller Dees! What a rat! Exposing such a hellacious set of abomination. And all to cover up what we left racists are up to: like trying to secure equal pay and opportunities for African-Americans, and affordable housing in which rats don't climb up out of the sewers and into the homes (because of faulty plumbing) and trying to get them affordable health care and decent education. Oh yeah, WE are so terrible! Such hideous racists! NOT!!!!!

Posted by Copernicus on 05/25/2008 at 3:14 PM

Re: “Letters

Heh,'s another good one, droog. The claim that a majority of whites aren't racist. Yet 3 of 5 white men in Zogby and other polls consistently say they would NEVER vote for Obama. Sounds like racists to me! And 3 of 5 (60%) is clearly a majority! I will be glad when, as projected two years ago, this country is majority non-white by 2050. THEN we may finlly see the last nails in the coffin of racism!

Posted by Copernicus on 05/25/2008 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Letters

Thanks, droog! You re-referencing of the IR for Summer 2003 also made me realize as I read through it again that Id attributed at least one quote (about the sound bites) to Rendall, when it was Norman Solomon who said it. (The Rendall interview reply was just above it) But those points on the racist deniers resembling Holocaust deniers are spot on. It is simply incredible what a rationalizing human brain can do to enable it to avoid facing painful truths. It almost seems that it creates its own fantasy world to cope. In the Holocaust Deniers world no such event ever occurred. It is all the result of exaggerated stories from the purported surviving victims. Auschwitz gas chambers could never kill so many people (~ 90,000) a day in any case. Science fiction! Similarly, it is inconceivable that so many thousands of racial hate crimes could be occurring every year in the U.S.: brandings, beatings, burnings, threats and .being dragged by chains at the end of pickups bearing the Stars n bars! How could it be? Not in the lovely, beautiful United States! The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Never ever. These people must have done something to make their attackers come at them! Or so the racist deniers make out. Btw, note in the same interview how Michael Savage is brought up by Rendall. This is a piece of filth that sows seeds of racism every day. The examples Rendall gives (p. 38) are excellent: calling poor third worlders, the Turd World, referring to victims of inner city gunfire as ghetto slime, and calling Jews (like Jerry Springer) hook nosed What Rendall said is absolutely true about progressives having no real voice in the national media. As he says (p. 39) What we get is a debate between bona fide movement conservatives and the center. Hooray again to Morris Dees for finding a way to get the word out in this coercive market! Btw, in the same issue be sure to check out: Marching Toward The Mainstream: How the Radical Right Invades American Culture (p. 53) It is sickening how these people are poisoning the whole country. From 'Hitler' coffee mugs, to Josef Goebbels dolls and KKK togs for toddlers, racism is being made more and more appelaing to the masses who lack the critical background to parse what they are imbibiing -consuming. Hopefully, this recession will make them pull back their purse strings!

Posted by Copernicus on 05/25/2008 at 2:57 PM

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