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Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Hey all. Well Sheriff Maketa put quite the spin on his "Victory" over Shirk at the GOP Convention Saturday stating that they have a great start on their campain. I was there and talked to both sides. The Maketa camp or should I say ARMY wearing t-shirts and displaying a sea of signage stated that they would be putting the nail in Shirks campain and finishing him off. The Shirk folks were hoping for 10 percent which would allow them to continue on with 8000 signatures to get them on the ballet.
Maketa went up to the stage with a 3 ring circus of people yelling and screaming, dropping banners down from the ceiling after being introduced by Sally Clark and the Coroner. Then Shirk came up to the stage without the backing of our bias GOP party, no money, home made signs and a group holding signs that stated Families for Shirk. Guess what... Shirk took almost half of the vote! If he can do this on a slanted bias platform, wait till he gets to meet with the public!
I saw this as a HUUUUGE Defeat for the Maketa camp. They can say whatever they want to the TV cameras but I was there to hear the gasp of air leave thier lungs when the results were announce.
This is very refreshing to know that a small campain with no party support can be successfull. The GOP needs to take this man seriously and save our party which I love from further embarrasment.
It's time for some fresh eyes at the EPSO.
By the way.... RUMOR has it that several Delegates that are members of the EPSO staff voted for Shirk while wearing one of Maketa's T-Shirts. OUCH! As they say "Wolves in Sheeps Clothing."

Posted by cops4change on 04/11/2010 at 12:39 PM

Re: “Sheriff, former detective have crossed paths on multiple occasions

I am glad you got some fresh air today. First, Pam Zubek is one of the most experienced reporters in this county. This woman is not out to make friends with you or anyone else. She is a reporter of facts. Something the other reporters in this county should consider. She keeps reporting because more information has been coming to light. Although our Sheriff has done a lot of great things for the citizens, he has shown some serious lack of good judgement. For instance, do you really think it is a good idea to have a person waiting a trial on felony charges against fellow officers to be running anything in the jail? We have spit in the face of our friends from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Our former Sheriff John Anderson who left with high marks on his record says NO WAY would he have allowed this! Our Sheriff went as far as to personally help get his bail reduced, placing people in fear of this man in harms way when Day was released. There's obviously more to this story. You can blame these comments on digruntled employees that were passed up for promotions or take the word of a man who looks into the news cameras and lies. The affairs??? He says, gee I have heard those stories before, but it's not true. We are still waiting for the polygraph.

This is just the start of many on going decisions that violate parts of the slogan of the Sheriff's Office.... Honesty / Unity / Loyalty. How about Integrity.

The Sheriff has outright lied to the citizens who pay his salary on several levels. He knows this and his command staff knows this. We need someone with GUTS to come clean with the public and show their face for the good of a very troubled organization.

Thank You Pam Zubek for your courage under fire!

Posted by cops4change on 04/01/2010 at 8:44 PM

Re: “Noted: Maketa saves sergeant from demotion

In response to the writer "MyVote" below. Most of the almost 200 comments posted are from employees of the Sheriff's Office that are "in the know." This is an election year. This is the time to point out problems within the organization. I think it's great that the S.O. has a balanced buget. But that is not a good reason to support a man who has displayed bias mangement and abuse of power with a lack of integrity. It's pretty obvious that only a few care about the employees that wear a badge with the words Honesty, INTEGRITY and Unity printed on it. Some of us expect and desire this from the CEO of our oganization. We will fight for change. We desire new leadership. There is no mention of anyone in particular. Todd Evans and Jake Shirk were the two that jumped in when the Sheriff announced that he would not run. If we get another challenger on the Independant or Democratic side then so be it. This is a grass roots effort to get the word out that we want a leader. Not a self serving Sheriff that's never seen a patrol briefing or made any effort to personally speak to his troops. All... Please talk to your friends and family. Anyone who is or knows a delegate to demand some competition on the ballet. Let the people of El Paso County have the choice. Not just one man running alone.

Posted by cops4change on 03/27/2010 at 11:32 PM

Re: “No badge of courage for Sheriff Maketa

Mr. Jarman, Please keep after this story. We love the Independent but it helps to have the power of audio & video. If nothing else, it could be interesting to do a story on why nobody wants to question Sheriff Maketa. How is it that a guy that receives over 110k a year to represent the law abiding tax payer and law enforcement professional gets a free pass. We are still waiting for the independant polygraph as to whether or not he looked into the cameras and lied to us all. After all, he is the highest lawman in the county. (Coroner Not Included) There has to be someone close to retirement willing to blow the wistle. Even if it is under the cover of disguise.
We need to get the word out to the delegates before the Caucus!

Posted by cops4change on 03/21/2010 at 11:03 PM

Re: “Star treatment

Sounds like everyone who works for the EPSO is kind of losing heart right now. Our local news stations wouldn't even cover the story. That in itself might make an interesting story for the Denver or National Stations. We have a bunch of pathetic amature reporters that report with bias. Strange thing is though, us Republicans complain all the time about the stations being Bias towards the Dems.
Anyway... it looks like nobody wants to help us working folks so now it's time to find every delegate you can and ask them to keep Maketa off of the ballet. It CAN BE DONE! Ask John Anderson, he did it to Bernard Barry.
We need an EPSO Tea Party to get the old leadership out and bring in some fresh thinking in.
One idea someone mentioned was an organized protest at the April Caucus meetings. Paper Bags can be provided to hide your identity for EPSO Deputies. Just in case. :-)

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Posted by cops4change on 03/21/2010 at 10:38 PM

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