CPW releases 2019 Outdoor Recreation Plan, and another celestial event coming 

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife has released the final version of the 2019 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). The plan is developed every five years by CPW to keep the state eligible for funding through the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Given Colorado's reliance on outdoor recreation for fitness, health and the economy, the SCORP also guides the development and planning of outdoor recreation and conservation in the state. The 2019 plan was developed with the collaboration of land managers at all levels of government, along with citizen input, and the outdoor recreation industry.

Here are some key points made in the SCORP: 
  • 92% of Coloradans participate in some form of outdoor recreation at least once every few weeks and some as often as four or more times a week. 
  • The reasons given for participating in outdoor recreation include enjoying nature, relaxation, spending time with family and to improve health.
  • The most common forms of outdoor recreation are walking, hiking and backpacking, followed by picnicking and tent camping.
  • The public's priorities for outdoor recreation include the development of trails, increased opportunities for wildlife viewing and playgrounds built with natural materials.
  • The major barriers for people participating in outdoor recreation were given as limited time, traffic congestion and crowding.
  • Land managers were mostly concerned with maintaining existing infrastructure, adapting to changing needs and preferences of users, coordinating with other groups and agencies, and having the capacity to serve a growing population.

click to enlarge Lunar eclipse over Colorado Springs, January 31, 2018 - BOB FALCONE
  • Bob Falcone
  • Lunar eclipse over Colorado Springs, January 31, 2018
If it seems like we just experienced a lunar eclipse in Colorado Springs, you're not mistaken. A nearly total eclipse was visible in Colorado Springs in the early morning hours January 31st, 2018.  But if you missed it, you're in luck — we're about to experience another event later this month.

2019's "Super Blood Moon" will be visible in Colorado Springs starting at about 7:36pm on January 21, with totality starting at about 9:41pm and lasting for an hour. The event will be over around 12:48am.

For details on the visibility of the eclipse in Colorado Springs, click here.

Happy Trails!

Bob Falcone is a retired firefighter, photographer, hiker, business owner and author of Hiking Bob's Tips, Tricks and Trails, available via his website. He has lived in Colorado Springs for more than 26 years. Follow him on Twitter (@hikingbob), Facebook (Hiking Bob), Instagram (@HikingBob_CO) or visit his website (Hikingbob.com). E-mail questions, comments, suggestions, etc to Bob: info@hikingbob.com.


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