Crafting a spirits movement 

In coming months, the Pikes Peak region will see its fourth and fifth distilleries come to market, joining two newbies from 2014 and our original spirit-maker, now midway through his fourth year. Such numbers may pale in comparison to those in local brewing, but interest in craft hooch continues to grow.

And concern, too: As you'll read on p. 23, consumers and self-policing industry types are holding big-label guys and supposed craft outfits accountable for bait-and-switch tactics, or at least origin-point obfuscation.

But when it comes to our area distillers, you'll find a clear dedication to true craft methods, if not all-out obsession over authenticity and the nerdy, nitty-gritty practices and methods that make a product shine. Everyone's clear that a cocktail resurgence can't be borne on the backs of inferior base ingredients. And though some mass-market bottles get the job done, it's fun to root for small guys like ours to come in and steal the show. After all, what's liquor without a little local colour?

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