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Artists, musicians, curators, promoters, teachers, et. al., the Independent is now accepting letters to the editor!!! When are people going to start chiming in about: the new wing of the Fine Arts Center, the fate of Starr Kempf's sculptures, the Depot Arts District (DADA), the changing face of the music scene, Confluence Park, and Judy Noyes' committee to review the purported "mission statement" of the City Auditorium? I know I'm not the only one in town with an opinion. E-mail is easy, and hate mail is gladly accepted, so send your submissions to


Despite some concerns that the recent hullabaloo surrounding the Starr Kempf sculptures is somehow tarnishing Starr's reputation and the glory of his work, the fact of the matter is that there couldn't possibly be anything better than an ongoing controversy to keep an artist alive in the public consciousness. Not only that, Starr's tempestuous personality and the neighborhood feud over his sculptures are the fodder of romantic legends and will only serve to solidify his place in local, if not national, art history.

In some ways, it's a great tribute both to the man and his work that the people of this community are still bickering about it. By the way, it's time the Fine Arts Center does a major retrospective of his works. It's embarrassing, frankly, that this hasn't happened yet.

In other Fine Arts Center news, Rob Geers has resigned as the director of performing arts. A little bird told me this isn't exactly the way things shook down, but couldn't confirm anything. Hmm. The FAC has also announced that Christopher S. Jenkins, vice president of Nor'wood Development Group has joined the Board, leaving Sean O'Meallie as the only artist on the Board. Given that there are 26 board members, it seems a bit like the El Paso County Board of Health without a doctor, no?

Congratulations to Eric Bosse and Eric Verlo on last weekend's Passion Film Festival at Verlo's palatial playland loft. The turnout was incredible, and it's great to see such a thriving, local underground film community. The two are contemplating moving to a larger venue next year. The pre-show was also incredible, featuring newly formed band The Pretty Pleasers and the siren-like voice of Sarah Hope and a gorgeous performance projection by Patti Smithsonian.

If you missed this event, then hopefully you were able to make it out to the Broadmoor on Monday to hear Suzanne "Chrissy" Somers (from Three's Company) speak at the General Meeting of The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels Inspectors. Huh?

The actress, Thigh Master spokeswoman and expert on boilers and pressure vessels was slated to share her experiences of growing up with an alcoholic father with the conventioneers. Which had to do with ... uh, pressure or something. Yeah.

In a confusion over the number of student shows going on, last week I failed to mention the UCCS student photography show now hanging at the Phototroph gallery, which is not a part of the UCCS student art show at the Gallery of Contemporary Art. Call 442-6995 for more information.

In City Auditorium affairs, Paul Butcher, group support manager for Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, is putting together a committee to review the mission of the City Auditorium per Judy Noyes' concerns. The Committee is "not a committee to screen events," said Noyes. No announcement has been made as to its members, but there is a public meeting at the City Auditorium on Monday, May 6, at 3 p.m. to discuss the goals of the committee.

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