Customer Complaints 

The following are several specific customer complaints that have been filed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture against Valley Pets store in Fountain, along with findings:

Complaint: Mark Berger, April 25, 2002

Adult Viled Chameleon ... eyes are sunken back into head and severe mouth rot on both sides.

Finding: Adult chameleon has mouth rot on one side of jaw but currently looks active. Owner of store will seek veterinary care. Valid complaint.

Complaint: Stuart Loflin February 6, 2003

Lizards die and are thrown out in the trash in the store. Employees are slamming rats against the floor to kill them.

Finding: It is not a violation of PACFA (Pet Animal Care Facilities Act) to dispose of a deceased animal in the trash. The practice of stunning rats to kill them is an accepted form of euthanasia by American Veterinary Medical Association standard if done properly. Invalid complaint.

Complaint: Renee Tenike, May 21, 2003

Ferret with an extreme amount of hair loss and could barely move. It was out for sale and not receiving treatment to complainant's knowledge.

Finding: Albino ferret [presence] was authorized by the store's vet because of atrenal illness. Invalid complaint.

Complaint: Anonymous, July 17, 2003

Store is filthy and smells horrible. Cages are filthy and feces is all over the cages. Can't even see into some of the cages they are so filthy.

Finding: Valid complaint.

Complaint: Diana Davis, September 3, 2003

Cages are filthy. Stinks horribly. Overcrowding of animals. General filthy conditions.

Finding: Animals not overcrowded, but valid complaint otherwise.


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