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Re: “The tick and the time bomb

To everyone that is currently suffering with lyme's disease; I am so sorry for your struggle. I wish for you a successful recovery. My mother contracted lyme's disease when I was about 13 or 14 years old at our farm in Washington state. This began her long journey towards recovery. She too was met with doctors in denial who turned her away etc. She eventually found a naturopath who would treat her, but her merely prescribed for her the medication that she requested, which were very strong anti-biotics. Now, this did help with the lyme symptoms but she still felt ill and some what debilitated. I have noticed that many of you who have written in have experienced the same thing. You see, most people are supposed to be on anti-biotics for a week or two, to clear up a bacterial infection, but lyme's disease requires that one be on long term treatment. Long term treatment with anti-biotics can wreak havoc on a body. Here is why; anti-biotics do not target a specific bacteria in the body, anti-biotics target all bacteria in the body, all of it. It will kill all bacteria that is living in your body. This is problematic because your body needs a certain amount of certain types of bacteria in order to work properly, acidopholus bifidus etc), without these bacterium your digestive system will be out of balance and this can lead to other, equally as painful problems... like candidiasis. In addition to your digestive system needing bacteria to function, it also needs a certain amount of yeast, or fungi, called candida. These little guys further break down sugars. Normally, the good bacteria (acidopholus etc) keep the fungi (candida) in check and the system is in good order, however, when one is on long term antibiotics (and if no good bacterial supplements are being taken) then all of the good bacteria is being killed off leaving nothing to keep the candida in check. It would be like removing an integral part from any other ecosystem, remove one key component and then there will be niches filled with things that shouldn't be filling them. Anyhow, an overgrowth of candida is a miserable thing, I saw my mother suffer with it. She felt so discouraged thinking that she wasn't getting better and losing hope. However, once she became aware that there may be other things happening in side her body that were now due to the effects of long term anti-biotics, she began to address those issues and then began a successful recovery. She did, in fact, have an overgrowth of candida albicans and once she changed her diet around and began taking acidophilus supplements she felt a lot better. Another thing that people need to be aware of when battling a chronic illness is adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are a key player for the body in stress. To keep in short and simple, when you are fighting a chronic illness and taking powerful medication, your body will be stressed; so will your adrenal glands. After awhile they get fatigued and may not produce as much cortisol as they used too, this too can be problematic but can be addressed by life style adjustments (less caffeine consumption, no nicotine). Anyhow, I am not a medical doctor or a scientist. I am a simple college student; however, I watched my mother go through this hell, I drove her to every one of her doctors appointments (because she could not drive herself) and these are the things that we talked about and that she went through. If she had not addressed these things in addition to her lyme's disease, she would not be were she is today. Now, it may be the case that not every person who has lyme's disease, or who has undergone the long and painful treatment for lyme's disease has these exact things. Every -body is different. These side effects of long term antibiotic use and stress are also things that a naturopath can help you with, and they can explain these things and prescribe treatments that are appropriate for your particular situation. What I am trying to say is that I am not advocating self-diagnosis or treatment. I just wanted to give people a heads up that there may be other things going on in the body (like in my mom's) that are preventing a full and happy recovery. Also, I am not pushing any products or supplements. All my mom had to do to address candidiasis and adrenal fatigue was change her diet around to more vegetables, proteins, and whole grains, and less, caffeine, highly refined crabs and fermented foods (as caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands and sugars and fermented foods feed candida yeasts perpetuating the imbalance). Anyhow, look into this and if need be consult a naturopath about the effects of long term antibiotic use. Good luck on your recovery!!

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Posted by cwarren on 01/19/2009 at 9:13 AM

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