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Whom do you trust?

I had initially supported the idea of a tax to fix the roads, but I keep having questions. The mayor did not include road maintenance in his budget, which makes me wonder where previously used funding might be headed.

Maybe Councilor Helen Collins is right, despite concerns of her credibility.

I emailed the mayor's office about the quality of repairs (lack of) the past few years. Roads that have been resurfaced within the past 2-5 years have deteriorated markedly, far short of the 10-year lifetime specified by John Suthers.

I asked about accountability and warrantying of the work and only received a canned reply that included the FAQs from the mayor's website. I had already read those FAQs and questioned the 50 percent of this road repair tax being set aside for sidewalks and gutters. In reply to Collins' ad, I saw that Travis Easton, director of the Public Works Department, said roads should be good for 20 years if sidewalks and gutters are addressed.

I grimaced and laughed. I specifically point to roads such as Cascade Avenue between Fillmore and Uintah, in that 2-5 year category, which has shown marked deterioration in the middle of the road where the seam is between lanes. Also, Nevada Avenue north of Fillmore, where I have seen deterioration around manholes and a new pothole in a resurfaced road within two months.

Are we being sold a bill of goods yet again? I am rethinking my initial support unless I have significant answers to my questions, although I wonder about the wisdom of expecting honesty and accountability from politicians.

— Bill Stoddard

Colorado Springs

Road tax reasoning

I agree with the rationale behind the Indy's endorsement of Issue 2C, but I'm hesitant about voting for any transportation funding measure that doesn't also improve our bus system and infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

A sales tax increase without such provisions only increases the degree to which we subsidize driving over other (less polluting, less noisy, less expensive, less dangerous, more equitable) options.

I'm leaning toward voting for 2C since it will benefit the city as a whole in the immediate future, but I won't shed any tears if the no-taxes-for-anything crowd gets their way either.

— David Emery

Colorado Springs

Revenue source

We wouldn't need a raise in our sales tax if the police would ticket the drivers who don't use their turn signals.

— Colleene Johnson

Colorado Springs

Stop the D-11 sell-out

Regarding the upcoming District 11 school board elections: Please be aware how important your vote is in this election. I have had my differences with District 11 over the years for a multitude of reasons, and although I no longer have children in the district, I will voice my opinion with my vote.

Please do not allow this district to continue to sell out to the charter school agenda. The trio of candidates of [Jeff] Kemp, [Karla] Heard-Price and [Dan] Ajamian will further disrupt District 11 at the expense of students, teachers and other employees. It is a conflict of interest (and should be disallowed) to be so invested in a charter school program and/or a charter board member and attempt to run for the District 11 school board.

Please think long and hard before you give any of these three your vote!

— Maureen Miller

Colorado Springs

D-11's best choices

As a District 11 elementary school teacher, I want school board members who will take the time to understand the challenges of teaching and working with students and their families, and who will work with us to improve the education opportunities we provide to our students.

As a school district employee, I have an obligation to advocate for public education and public school students and employees. One of the best ways to do this is find out who the best candidates are and support them in their quest to be elected to the school board.

It is for these reasons that I support Elaine Naleski, Nora Brown and Martin Herrera. They are the best candidates for the District 11 board in 2015.

I urge every voter to examine the positions of the seven board candidates and figure out who will help lead our district in the most positive direction for the next four years. I have made up my mind.

— Jessica Trovik

Colorado Springs

Indentured servitude

Dividing the $18.5 trillion of the ruling generation's national debt by 123 million full-time workers, we find that each of our young people entering the workforce is encumbered with $150,000 of federal debt — to be confiscated from them through taxation to satisfy unpaid bills left by their profligate predecessors.

This current generation is also planning that the nation's youth pay out over 10 times that amount ($1.5 million each) to preserve grossly under-funded federal entitlement programs including Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and government retirements.

While K-12 government schools indoctrinate their captive audience with fanciful notions of socialistic utopia, they somehow overlook informing students of socialistic debt and the parasitical mortgage on their futures. Burdened additionally with an average $35K of student loan debt, the youth also finance the lucrative careers and lavish retirements of a professorial and administrative cartel that rules our government-accredited and monopolized institutions of higher education.

Young people have become the indentured servants of a ruling generation that has placed a government lien against the future productivity of the next generation. AARP, the Chamber of Commerce and public employee unions fund campaigns and lobby politicians to enforce this deceitful system of government excess and financial exploitation of our youth.

A new civil rights movement to liberate the young from this insidious inter-generational theft is underway — best represented by Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz and zealously opposed by Clinton, Sanders and Biden. The youth must demand, for themselves and their children, a balanced federal budget, limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty — or else remain slaves to an increasingly oppressive government and the rapidly accruing debts of others.

— Joe Morin


Think about it

To Steve Suhre, et al ("Message to Davis," Letters, Oct. 14): There are no SINNERS in Heaven.

— Don McCullen

Colorado Springs


• In the Nightlife section of the Indy's 2015 Best Of the Springs issue last week, we messed up the name of the silver award winner in the Best Bartender category. That winner is Missy Luebbers, of The Public House.

• While we were at it, we also messed up the phone number for the gold award winner in the Food Truck category in the Food & Drink section. You can keep up with Potato Potato at 362-0750.

The Indy regrets the errors.

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