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Re: “Residents protest Broadmoor Seven Falls shuttles

The truth is that buses used Cheyenne Boulevard prior to the route change; what happened here was the number of visitors spiked dramatically at the time and following the Sr PGA event which caused a capacity issue at the Golden Bee lot and the need to look for alternative routes. There is no way Mesa Ave, which has no bike lanes, blind curves and narrow roads with houses right on top of the road can handle all the bus traffic. A solution involving a new parking lot has been suggested to the Broadmoor. It would solve all of these problems and get rid of the buses altogether. Whether they see the wisdom of the suggestion or not, one neighborhood cannot handle all of the traffic as it currently stands. The City and City Council has been asked repeatedly who authorized loading and unloading on a public road (in front of 7 Falls) and been provided with numerous videos illustrating the problem. No answers to these questions have been provided.. Ms Krager indicated at the Sacred Grounds meeting that public works was unaware of this, and they would have oversight. No word on any of that? Regarding the 400 cars, the Broadmoor can control this by their marketing content and levels as well as using their own land, or acquiring land, for parking which is what was historically done - parking on property. The City Council and City government should also be able to have influence over the busing issue and should exert it. Several solutions exist to make the experience better for everyone including Bmoor patrons that is, unless there is another plan like, for example, closing a road and reconfiguring the South Canon....otherwise, we can fix these shuttle problems pretty easily.

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 08/08/2018 at 3:00 PM

Re: “John Suthers reflects on first term as mayor, sets a new agenda and eyes a second term

The premise that it has to be tourism that drives tax revenues is so flawed. Corporate relocations or start-ups who employ high wage labor are what makes economies healthy not low wage, temporary hotel labor forces nor LART revenues (where those are actually fully collected). It is the people who buy cars, houses, and shop and dine here on a regular basis who make the economy hum and keep the economic base diverse and thriving. One can also increase tourism so much that it ruins the experience for all. Totally missing from this piece was the most controversial item in his first term, the Broadmoor Land Swap -- the biggest heist in Colorado Springs history. If the plan is to cater to the Broadmoor or the USOC at the exclusion of serving the people who elected him, that will be a tragic mistake for the future of this city.

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 08/01/2018 at 5:59 PM

Re: “Colorado's Amendment 71 violates the U.S. Constitution, federal judge says

Exactly the opposite - Amendment 71 allows for a single district to have undo influence. The population concentration effect is still in effect This just makes it harder for smaller citizen groups to gather signatures due to the increased requirements -- it favors wealthy groups or corporations.

From the Denver Post:
it allows the votes in any one senate district to bear heavier "weight" than votes in the 34 other districts combined, violating the one-person, one-vote rule protected by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

If proponents of a ballot initiative couldn't gather signatures from 2 percent of the registered voters in any one of the 35 senate districts, it would prevent the measure from ever appearing on the ballot, even if the vast majority of Colorado voters want it and would vote for it.

Nah, it is a bad deal for the people.

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 02/15/2018 at 10:31 PM

Re: “Colorado's Amendment 71 violates the U.S. Constitution, federal judge says

Suthers...what a man of the people...the aristocractic people. Queue disingenuous speech beginning with, "Folks...", to try and appear like he is for the common class while he reconfigures parks and closes roads to benefit the Broadmoor displacing low income families who have used these public lands for generations so some rich visitors can be less cramped and inconvenienced with their own private gated entrance. Amendment 71 was another power grab from the people.

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 02/15/2018 at 12:13 PM

Re: “Strawberry Fields' appraiser faces penalties for his work on the city's land exchange

Given this latest news, this "public-private partnership" is arguably the biggest heist in Colorado Springs' history which has national ramifications for parkland across the United States. Ms. Gaebler, once again, illustrates her astute leadership by honing in on one of the most salient problems with this deal when she voices concerns about the will of the people being thwarted. Though she, Councilman Murray and Councilwoman Collins voted correctly and opposed the deal, Don Knight, Tom Strand, Merv Bennett, Andy Pico and Larry Bagley were not moved by the facts that, in 4 different surveys, one hosted by the Anschutz' owned Gazette itself, 70-85% of the public, CITY WIDE, opposed this deal. These new revelations add insult to injury. When leaders make mistakes, they should seek to correct them. In addition to the will of the people being ignored, what example does it set for our children and the future leaders of the world if we do not hold ourselves to the highest standards and right wrongs when we see them? The council should correct this if in name only. Write city council, allcouncil@springsgov.com, and ask them to pass a resolution stating they would now not pass this deal. Ask them to sue Mayor John Suthers and his Parks Department which he controls for ordering a Restricted Appraisal (cannot even get bank financing with those) and refusing to ask and provide details of the work files, that both Councilman Murray and Knight asked for and were denied, which would have corroborated the facts the public already knew and repeatedly communicated to council - that Strawberry Fields was grossly under valued -- coming in UNDER tax assessor values which is highly unusual, and, more importantly, that our historic parklands are not for sale. Donate to the legal defense and tell your friends across the country to as this case matters to everyone: www.savecheyenne.org If there is any dignity left in politics and big business, what should happen here is that the Broadmoor and the City voluntarily undoes this deal. Now, that would be truly heroic and speak volumes to the character of these powerful organizations and their commitment to honoring the will of the people and respecting their ownership rights of such historic public land.

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 11/29/2017 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Spotlight on dark money in Colorado Springs city election

Let's see....so, CSF backed Suthers vigorously promoted the Broadmoor Land Exchange, and CSF backed Bagley, Bennett and Strand also backed the Broadmoor Land Exchange which the Gazette Editorial Board also vehemently supported. Pico voted yes after Broadmoor exec Jack Damioli said, "If this land exchange goes through, you have my word going on record that we will live up to each and every one of the obligations we have set forth in this proposal and ensure that a positive vote is recognized accordingly." Now, Pico is getting support. Jill Gaebler voted no, and she is getting lambasted by the Gazette with no money from CSF, and Skorman opposed the land exchange, and he is also getting lambasted by the Gazette and, it appears from this reporting, by relatives of the Gazette leadership. Additionally, the Gazette ran an editorial from Phil Lane of CSF but refused to run an editorial from Greg Walta, co-founder of Together for Colorado Springs? In the words of my favorite Republican, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power" - Abraham Lincoln

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 03/16/2017 at 9:56 PM

Re: “Colorado Springs parks report shows good value

Hahaha. Good question @Joel. Should have added "in theory" ....

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Posted by Dana Duggan on 01/13/2017 at 5:44 PM

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