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Re: “Sexual assault victims say Air Force Academy uses mental health counseling to get rid of them

Correction: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR).

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Posted by David Mullin on 07/20/2017 at 6:52 PM

Re: “Sexual assault victims say Air Force Academy uses mental health counseling to get rid of them

Mr. Davis,

You have made a very strong accusation: "Study, after study, after study shows that the vast majority of accusations of sexual assault, especially in a military context, are false accusations."

The implication of that statement is that the premise of the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention (SARP) program is fraudulent. To make such a public claim, I challenge you to produce three citations of quality academic publications to support your allegation.

You have also claimed that "complaining accusers were diagnosed with personality disorders. This is significant." Did you not carefully read the articles? These diagnoses were made without proper evaluations. You publicly condemn these individuals without any valid evidence of their mental health. That is incredibly irresponsible and cruel.

You are the manifestation of the hatred and hostility that these victims face. No wonder they are petrified to come out publicly.

How far are we from the days when it took one person to accuse another of insanity to lock them away in an asylum?

R. David Mullin PhD CPA

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Posted by David Mullin on 07/20/2017 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt

I have seen many dozens of death threats to Mikey Weinstein and his family. Several of these abhorrent messages wish violent, painful mutilation of Weinstein and the rape of his wife, Bonnie. Nearly all are strongly anti-Semitic.

An omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God does not need nor seek such vile and undercutting support.

Every time a hater of the Weinsteins sends such a message she or he commits a sin by violating the second Commandment. Exodus 20:7.

In my opinion, Klingenschmitt's public calls for imprecatory prayers against the Weinsteins foster these mentally unstable elements of society.

Many in El Paso County hate Mikey Weinstein, enough so to elect a pronounced fellow hater of Weinstein. I pray that they spend some introspective time examining what is in their hearts.

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Posted by David Mullin on 12/01/2014 at 11:22 PM

Re: “Downtown stadium: It's a numbers game

Please read on his public Facebook page Colorado Springs Council Member Joel Miller's 10 reasons for why he is opposed to the "City of Champions" proposal: https://www.facebook.com/JoelMillerColorad…

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Posted by David Mullin on 09/10/2013 at 5:13 PM

Re: “UPDATE (No. 2): Academy dean of faculty to retire

To @Fact or Fiction:
It’s ironic that you chose your CSIndy account name because that’s the question you should be asking yourself. I assume that you’re familiar with the psychological concept of projection. That certainly applies to you.

My response to your four points:

1) There is very substantial evidence that Born shared her Christian faith in highly inappropriate, and perhaps illegal, ways over several years. There exist documented eye witness accounts, physical evidence, and official documentation including an investigation by the Department of Defense Inspector General.

2) There exist hundreds of pages of official documentation of evidence and findings of faculty of unqualified Air Force Academy faculty. In Fullerton’s own department he still has a faculty member who has a terminal degree from a diploma mill that was disbanded by both California and Hawaii state governments. Fullerton has testified under oath about his standards for qualified faculty. Those standards do not meet the lowest bar of any accredited school that I’m aware of. In fact Pikes Peak Community College objectively has higher standards that what Fullerton asserts to be “highly qualified”. There is sworn testimony in a formal investigation that Born personally authorized hiring an unqualified member faculty. And there exist dozens of other discrepancies of faculty credentials. Numerous news agencies have reviewed these documents, and have chosen to publish stories about the allegations and findings of the negligence of Born and Fullerton. @Fact or Fiction if you want to denigrate Pam Zubeck, then you should also dismiss the Associated Press, Chronicle of Higher Education, network news agencies, and over a hundred other media outlets.

3) Again you are very wrong about no evidence about Born ordering “counter-insurgency” efforts by Col Thomas Drohan against the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Drohan received this in writing and he has been cooperating with a formal investigation of Born.

4) I have already communicated with legal counsel and they will request an investigation of you to determine if you have violated federal law.

You have implied that I am a sexist, anti-Christian, unpatriotic bigot. You conveniently omitted that two of the three officers that I have criticized are men. And I attend the same church as one of these three. I have used official channels with the Air Force and Department of Defense to make my allegations. If you are indeed an insider at the Air Force Academy, you should know that it is very rare that a general officer is found in any violation of the UCMJ.

I have repeatedly testified under oath and provided large amounts of evidence to support my allegations. And I will continue to do so publicly. There are hundreds of current and former permanent party members of the Air Force Academy and the Air Force who support my efforts. @Fact or Fiction if you work at the Air Force Academy it is highly likely that you interact with them every day.

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Posted by David Mullin on 11/10/2012 at 3:03 PM

Re: “UPDATE (No. 2): Academy dean of faculty to retire

Like Brig. Gen. Dana Born, Col. Richard Fullerton was found by the Air Force Inspector General, L.t Gen. Marc Rodgers, to have violated Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) – Failure to Obey an Order or Directive. You see above that Col. Fullerton write with vague praising words of Born who is his superior officer.

Since I have left USAFA in 2011, several department heads and senior faculty members have communicated with me their concerns that Col. Fullerton is unfit to hold a leadership position at USAFA. And they have expressed to me that Lt. Gen. Gould’s refusal to render any meaningful punishment of Born and Fullerton demonstrates Gould’s dereliction of duty. Some have come to me today to state that Gould’s press release praising Born’s handling of USAFA’s reaccreditation in 2009 further exhibits his refusal address the falsification of reaccreditation process by both Born and Fullerton.

In addition Gould public statement about Born ignores three investigations of Born’s alleged actions of (1) misappropriating restricted funds; (2) ordering in a performance evaluation that Col. Thomas Drohan, head of the Military Strategic Studies Department, engage in a counter-insurgency against the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a United States civil rights organization which has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Price five times in the last four years, 2010-2013 [I am the only publicly known USAFA client of MRFF. There are 371 others.]; and (3) lying under oath by denying that she made this order.

I was a direct witness of her testimony denying the order. Given the evidence that I’ve seen, in my opinion Brig Gen Born committed perjury.

It doesn’t matter how many hours either Born or Fullerton spend in their offices. Since both don’t demonstrate the proper character to be leaders at USAFA, they undermine its mission "to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation."

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Posted by David Mullin on 11/08/2012 at 9:28 PM

Re: “'I'm done with him'

Several people who have posted comments in this space have given their names. But “Ender” you have not. You say that you are a fan of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”, and that you are not Maj Jonathan C. Dowty, who runs the blog called Christianfigherpilot.com while stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. Yet you frequently post on that site as well.

It is peculiar that you have written so much here, purporting to have read the transcript of the hearing, Mullin et al v Gould, held in U.S. district court in February. You even have gone so far as to comment erroneously about Mikey Weinstein’s body movements in the courtroom during the hearing. So either you were there, which means that, by default, you are an active duty Air Force officer or you are closely associated with at least one of those present, most likely a chaplain or a sympathetic reporter.

Given your position, I am very disturbed by your poor arguments containing non sequiturs, ad hominem fallacies, and tautologies. Your purported justification for having a high level of blogging activity is that you have a disinterested stance seeking to get more specific information out. This is grossly inconsistent with your strongly one-sided view that the leadership and chaplaincy at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) is effective in dealing with religious discrimination.

I have scanned all 2,516 pages of documents released by USAFA through the Freedom of Information Act request by Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), with assistance of the law firm, Jones Day.

And I have these comments that partially correct your erroneous statements:

First, there is substantial evidence that both the leadership and chaplaincy of USAFA largely ignored complaints by Jean Bass and subsequently three families about the involvement of their USAFA cadet children in “Cadets for Christ”. This entity which operated very close to the North Gate of USAFA had well documented hallmarks of a cult. Therefore, it has not functioned as a legitimate religious organization. However, since it superficially proclaimed a charismatic, evangelical Christian doctrine for which the large majority of the USAFA leadership and chaplaincy adheres to, this cult had been allowed to have easy access to cadets, EVEN AFTER THE COMPLAINTS WERE MADE. Let me emphasize this: the issue is not about the practice of reformed Christian theology (which I believe too as an evangelical Christian), rather, it is the failure of USAFA authorities to limit cadet access by a cult. The complaints were so persistently made that several of the Air Staff in the Pentagon became aware of this issue. Yet USAFA authorities still failed to do their jobs of protecting cadets from this cult.

Second, Lt Gen Michael Gould and staff directly under his command deliberately withheld and misrepresented to the public and his chain of command serious complaints by many cadets of unwanted proselyting. It took intervention by MRFF, members of the Air Staff, Congressman Coffman, several representatives of the major media, and religious organizations to force Lt Gen Gould to release the 2010 Cadet Religious Climate Survey. Before its release, Lt Gen Gould said that the survey showed good results (meaning that there was free exercise of religion and that no one religion was promoted over another) and the religious climate had significantly improved since 2004. When the survey data were released, Lt Gen Gould still attempted to manipulate the reporting by handpicking three members of the press to attend his press conference. He deliberately excluded MRFF and other organizations from attendance. Yet the results showed that half of the cadets who had minority religious beliefs incurred unwanted proselyting. Twenty-three felt they were physically threatened or harmed. Of those 23 cadets, 13 of them were Christians. Lt Gen Gould’s conduct undermines his utterances that he is enforcing a zero-tolerance policy of religious discrimination.

Third, in this public space of commentary, you have LIED about the poisoning of my service dog, Caleb, when you said that a toxicology report does not exist. In fact, there is an active criminal investigation at USAFA. Since I am disabled, I consider your assertion to be hate speech. Therefore, I have complained to the Colorado Springs Independent about your activities and notified my attorneys.

“Ender” I make these comments, not to engage a conversation with you – it is a waste of time. Instead, I am attempting to remedy the damage you are doing with your misinformation.

David Mullin

Posted by David Mullin on 08/21/2011 at 11:25 PM

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