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Dear trial, guns, Pikes Peak Summit House, and more 


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Best alternative

He-who-shall-not-be-mentioned may deserve to die for what he did at Planned Parenthood, but that doesn't mean that the taxpayers deserve to be saddled with costs of a death penalty trial.

George Brauchler, the district attorney in the James Holmes Aurora theater case, sought the death penalty even though Holmes offered to plead guilty if the death penalty was taken off the table. ABC News estimated the cost at $5 million. Holmes got life.

Dexter Lewis got life, not death in his multi-million dollar trial for his mass stabbing in a Denver bar.

Other than political aspirations, why do DAs go for the death penalty, knowing the cost and that most reside in prison until they succumb to causes, usually natural, other than execution?

I would like to see a quick, non-capital trial, hopefully with a plea of guilty and quick placement in prison so we can all put this behind us. I do not want to see his picture in the paper for years as happened with Holmes. Just spare us, please.

— Tim Haley

Colorado Springs

Solving the problem

Haven't the American people had enough of this senseless gun violence? Haven't the people of Colorado Springs had enough! Any politician who tries to make this out as a "political issue" is just plain wrong! This is a moral issue, a human rights issue.

So where do we go from here? Do we take the NRA position and buy more guns, fortify our homes, live in fear, or do we just say, "Enough!"

I have a right to go into a store and not feel intimidated by some gun nut. I have a right to feel safe walking down the street without wearing a bullet-proof vest.

If you are sick of this as much as I, there is something we can do. Join Mothers Against Gun Violence, and better yet, Colorado

There is no reason weapons designed to kill people should be allowed wholesale at gun shows so any terrorist can purchase them. My husband was a hunter; he didn't massacre animals and needed only a single-shot hunting rifle.

We also have the right to vote for representatives who support an end to the wholesale gun violence slaughter, not politicians in the pockets of the NRA or gun manufacturers.

— Elaine Brush

Colorado Springs

Unseen elephant

So your Nov. 25 article "Censored!" lists the top censored stories? Not so. The true story behind 9/11 is and will continue to be the top censored story of this year and every year until everyone understands the magnitude and source of the deception.

The guilty parties still operate freely 14 years after the carnage, and continue to bring us deception after deception, which results in new lists of censored stories. 9/11 is our best opportunity to bring these deviants to justice, to break their insidious control, but it will never happen as long as the truth is censored.

The Independent is clearly part of the problem when it ignores the 9/11 elephant in the room. Your article ridiculing Jim Fetzer's work on the Sandy Hook deception is more evidence that the Independent is not so independent, but just another in a chorus of parrots repeating the official stories we are supposed to swallow as fact, just like the 9/11 con.

— Hugh Martin


You are Charlie?

You proclaimed "We are Charlie, too," in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo slayings. Well, now here's your chance to be Charlie on this stunning quote:

"There's something different about what happened at Charlie Hebdo and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, OK, they're really angry because of this and that.

"This [the Paris massacres] was absolutely indiscriminate. It wasn't to aggrieve one particular sense of wrong. It was to terrorize people. It was to attack everything that we do stand for."

Wow! So this is the Charlie Hebdo massacre: Particularized focus, legitimate, rational, maybe aggrieving a particular wrong, or just not terrorizing? I guess so according to this person. And who is this commentator? None other than Secretary of State John Kerry.

Oh wait! Wait! John Kerry? My gosh, he's a liberal, he's a progressive, he's a Democrat, he's someone you endorsed to be the commander in chief.

Never mind!

— Joe Hunter

Colorado Springs

Not the problem

After reading Claire Swinford's letter to Mayor John Suthers in the Indy (Dec. 2), I had to voice my disagreement. First, an open carry ban would have done nothing to prevent the Black Friday shooting.

Does anyone seriously think Dear would have decided "shooting and killing is one thing, but I ain't risking that open carry ban! Dang, I'm going home."

Second, these killings are not caused by guns; they are merely the tool. People kill others with knives, hatchets, baseball bats, sticks, fists, etc. Let's deal with the lunacy that causes people to want to kill or harm others, not just take their tools.

Lastly, I hope those who have been complaining about the militarization of police now see the need for it. Look at what they're facing! I want those defending our safety to have every tool necessary to deal with these lunatics!

— Jacques Sears

Colorado Springs


Please say something about the four horrible designs under consideration to replace Pikes Peak's Summit House. The peak is majestic as it is. It does not need a glass and chrome monstrosity up there to make it look like a 1958 Cadillac!

— Tom DeLorey

Colorado Springs

New ammunition

Donald Trump's mouth is a dangerous weapon against non-radicalized Muslims and the Western world.

His ludicrous comments banning all Muslims have inspired hatred from those who could cause significant harm.

Radical Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the largest Southern Baptist university in the nation, gave a speech encouraging his students to carry guns and kill Muslims, offering students free classes to get their permits.

Christianity never promotes violence. Hateful rhetoric sets a tragic example for our country and plays right into ISIS for exactly what they want: their apocalypse.

Trump knows nothing about military strategy.

His fear-bellowing satisfies a group of frustrated, ill-informed people, criticizing President Obama for not blowing up all the oil tanks and drivers. Most of that oil provides the lifeline for many civilians, as well as military forces fighting against ISIS. Besides, ISIS is now getting larger revenues from farming fertile Syrian and Iraqi land.

Trump has now officially become a major security threat to the United States, and it's quite upsetting to see how so many ill-informed people cannot realize how dangerous he really is.

— Sharlene White

Oceanside, California

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