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Re: “Term for the future: joint base

Well, here's my rant...The united states is on the decline, despite my egoic joy in this fact, I am a little bothered by it. It seems so unecessary. Karmically, The united states was doomed from the start. It was just a bunch of egoic Yeah Whos crossing the pond to land on some poor unsuspecting People. "The indians did not know what hit them, but their wisened elders surely knew that NO civilization lasts forever." -John Mills

You may ask about my pride in such a bunch of Yeah Whos...but I realize that Patriotism is merely brainwashing. No civilization can last without it. So then, If exterminating a race of people wasn't enough...those Yeah Whos brought a bunch more in to enslave, torment and kill...they set themselves up to fight and die for the right to enslave people...The reason for the "CIVIL" war...the South was making too much Money...that pissed off the North who were of course "entitled" to the same privileges of the South, but didn't have the cajones to "own" anyone. Just to be mean, I'll let you in on a little secret... Abraham Lincoln was not an altruistic soul. So, one should recognize that Karmically...we are doomed. The universe will not allow this experiment go on much longer.
The United States cannot survive because its' occupants believe more in the MYTH of their watered down religion, than they do the important tenants, like don't fuck each other over! Don't squeal, fuckers...you know it's true! Don't forget that it wasn't all that long ago that you religious people and yer' churches killed people for not believing in what you do. The muslims are doing it now. But the Muslims won't get you...they'll just make you spend every last dollar defending yourself against them till yer sheeple are destitue or absolutely corrupt beyond all belief. Are any fucking bells going off in yer spun heads? Reagan "did it to" Russia with "Star Wars" in the eighties.
I remember some of these things every time I hear some poor soul bitching about somebody not handing him a living...or when someone honks their horn to lock the big fat ignorant car that they obviously can't afford...or when people talk politics to blame each others party for making a mess of the United States. Wait, what? As if, the dems' left the country when the republicans took power and vice versa. Your children are getting dumber, fatter and less tolerant of yer bullshit. They however, do not know what is to come (naïve optimism, like the Hippies)...you are incapable of preparing them!
When the politicians stop passing laws to help their freinds and lobbyists get all the money (contracts), then we can breathe a sigh of relief, or we’ll be asking for handouts in Mandarin, whichever comes first.
Wait who remembers what a barrel of oil cost when G.W. Bush took office? $11.00 per. When he left office? $160.00 per. Bushs' and Royal Saudi Family are like this (close)... right? Why did not anyone notice that TRILLIONS of dollars was being sucked out of this economy, to go to a country where women can be plucked out of circulation never to be heard from again, or regular saudi dudes disappearing on a whisper! Do you care? Where is yer job? Yer old employer out of business? Who made money on this Fucking war on Terror? America the fucking Halliburton, that's who! OH, and Blackwater. Fuck you war pigs, mono-generational, greed-head fucks. Yer money and lavish lifestyle will not keep the honesty of life's form from finding YOU!

And our cops hate us...here in the springs we get fucked by a bunch of steroid ravished, egomaniacal, jarheads...who try to be; cops, lawyers and judges, all in one. If you are a cop...good luck, try not to let some bodies absolute blind faith in yer character go to yer head! Damn!
Okay whenever you hear of a law being passed, you must ask yerself...Who is making money on this? The war on alcohol, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on war, cancer (which kills us all eventually), mean people, meth, poor teachers, poorer students, the "rich", car alarms, muslims. In fact if we could just escalate all of our intentions to a "war-like" intensity, perhaps we could get somewhere. Ignorant retarded United Statesians. To call you americans anymore insults our neighbors to the south and north. So fuck you...dig in with yer ego so that you can not see any glimmer or glint of anything spiritual in yer life. It's just too late. Why would we let this happen?
Lack of spirituality, there is no religious text that you can understand, there is no conviction behind yer facade of MYTH, the god that you prey (pray) to cannot help you. Ironic isn't it? For example, New Life Church...NO ONE will say Karma? No one will be brave enough to look into sheeple, lies and power? WTF. Focus on the Family? How about..."Focus on just about every God Damned thing that deters us from the beautiful reality of existence." Dumbfuckers. Ahh, rather, United Statesians.
Put yer hands to yer face and say..."knowing what I know...nothing can harm me now...Fuck these people and fuck me."
Our parents could not have prepared us for this...they have lived or are living through the lies. This capitalist republic will not stand much longer, debt, apathy, greed, false altruism, all of it, fucking us!
I end this recognizing that it will get dismissed as fiction right away...truth hurts. I may even get a threat or two before anybody realizes what I’m saying, but that's okay we all know that truth kills, too.
So, if I didn't make myself clear. We are doomed and we are to blame, got it? No, I'm not doomed because I made poor choices in life, or 'cause the man decided to run off with all of that money that I was looking to earn (yes, I'm self-employed). I'm swearin' cause the dissonance is way too great, way too much cheatin' lyin' & theiving to even want to carry on. Why would I want to stand and watch a ship, brimming with fools, argue? I'm not, that's it. No more news...no more opinion, no more care if this country is the greatest ever or not. Yes, it is a debate...the verdict is still out. So, go kill somethin' or put somebody down before this truth gets to you and you find out who you really are in this great big beautiful thing that we call "life".
If any of you have an inclination to spell or gramma' check me...don't, just re-read the thing over and over 'til those annoying mistakes go away, and all you can read are the truths underlying the text. Or go ahead make yerself feel bigger by it...but I promise, as you lie on yer death-bed (too bad it ill be too late) you will recognize how meaningless it all was! Patriotism, worry, ego, fuck. Fuck you. Get real. Get real now. Go unlock yer car with yer horn, go smother yer kids, steal from work. ‘Tards!
Thanks for ignoring me, Dick

Posted by dick on 10/05/2010 at 8:33 AM

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