Dire Warnings 

On Sept. 22, D-11 administrators delivered this list of student and employee programs that could be cut or eliminated if voters don't pass the $29 million in additional property-tax revenues for school operating costs. School board members were told that student programs and services could be impacted immediately and significantly, and could include the following:

Further increased class sizes

Schools could be closed and consolidated

Safety and security programs could be deferred

Busing could be reduced or eliminated

The school calendar could be revised

1999-2000 budget cuts and class size increases would continue

Additional central-office staffing reductions (no specifics offered)

Staffing at small schools could be changed

Elementary school principal, secretary, custodian reductions

Small middle-school administrative allocation reduced

Night-school location change, reduction of administrative positions, temporary or permanent night-school closures

Cuts or reductions to unmandated programs (i.e., instrumental music, gifted and talented, art, physical education, vocal music, yearbook, student government, athletics, adult education, etc.)

Wage freeze, wage increase below the inflation rate

Freeze or reduction of employee benefits (health insurance, dental, etc.)

Reduction of other benefits (tuition reimbursement, sick-leave pay-out, number of vacation days, etc.)

Reduced purchase and contract services

Reduction or elimination of substitutes and overtime budgets

Closing all unused schoolrooms

Reductions to special education

Reducing charter-school funding

Elimination of extra-duty days

Delayed Computer Instruction Technician hirings/combine CITs at small schools

Counselor staffing reductions

Deferred facility maintenance and repair

Reduction of post-secondary enrollment options or high-school staffing

Reduction of CIVA staffing or look at school-within-a-school (CIVA is a D-11 charter school, partly supported by the NEA)

Reduction of non-instrumental supply budgets at schools

Reallocation of capital-reserve funds to projects which reduce energy consumption and lower the utility bills

Reduction of grounds expenditures by xeriscaping grassed areas

The district also listed several options for increasing revenues, including:

Busing to day care for a fee

Raising tuition rates for full-day kindergarten

Raising rental rates for facilities

Retaining facility-rental revenues in the general fund

Raising pre-kindergarten and day-care rates

Instituting band-uniform and music-instrument fees.

Increasing parking fees for staff and students

Increasing athletic fees


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