Disappointing Indy can't find middle ground 

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I understand that this paper is pretty far to the left in what it represents & prints.
It's my choice to pick it up & flip thru the contents, always with the hope that you represent all of Colorado Springs, not just a few small segments of the populace. 
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It is disappointing, however, that you cannot find any middle ground regarding national politics.
Every week it's the same bashing of the current President, sometimes with more personal emotion & inflammatory rhetoric than actual facts.
I've been a voting adult for over 45 years & I can't recall a single President that pleased everyone, that's just the way it works out.
Then you run articles lamenting how partisan everything is & nothing ever gets accomplished; you do realize the part you play in that issue, don't you?

Here's something to think about.
A President is impeached by the House of Representatives.
His trial is underway in the Senate.
4 Democratic Senators, each of them his rival in the current Presidential race, are called back to the Senate to vote on his innocence or guilt.
They each have something significant to gain if the President is found guilty; the removal of their only Republican rival in the race.

Now, ask yourself.
How is that right? How is that not a conflict of interest? How can that be allowed to happen?

Mike Endres


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