Dolly Parton 

A quick visit with Dolly Parton

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Indy: You had to delay your tour this year because of a back injury. You knew people would joke about what caused the injury. Seriously, how did you get hurt?

DP: The truth is, I just bent over one day to pick something up, and I hurt my lower back. I just kind of popped a disc in my lower back. So I said, 'I know it's not my boobs.' It's my lower back, and my butt ain't that big anymore.

Indy: Your current CD, Backwoods Barbie, is your first mainstream country album in more than a decade. Your recent albums had explored bluegrass. Why did you make that musical shift?

DP: I've wanted to always have country records, hit records, but as you know, country music started changing its colors many years ago. They had what they called "new country," and a lot of the younger people were coming on the scene. They kind of ditched some of us older artists that had good careers. ... I couldn't get on the charts. So I just started doing things like the bluegrass [albums].

Indy: What convinced you to give country music another try?

DP: I thought, "Well, you know, my name is still so known," because I've done the movies, I'm on TV all the time, and I have [my Tennessee theme park] Dollywood, and I'm always somewhere out [in the public eye]. I thought, "Well, the thing I love the most is writing songs and singing, and I'm never going to not do that." ... So we just did it, and put it on my own Dolly Records, and so far we're getting some good reaction.

At Denver's Wells Fargo Theatre, Aug. 10.


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