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Re: “Want to protest?

"And, per Denver's new ordinance, think twice about carrying around carabiners, chains, locks, cement or bottles of urine." The mere fact that these protesters have to be reminded not to carry around chains, locks, cement or bottles of urine, shows what lunatics they really are. Once again, you can protest all you want, and the result will be exactly the same. You will NOT change once single mind about anything. All you will accomplish is to be exposed as the fools you really are. I believe your passion will be in direct proportion to your stupidity. But, hey, maybe I'm wrong and you protesters will make it more difficult for the "Anointed One" to get elected. At least that would be a positive.

Posted by DONALD on 08/23/2008 at 12:48 AM

Re: “Letters

Zen, I ask you, who cares what Gandhi did? He was, more or less, a nice guy on the world scene, but one who treated his personal family like dirt. He was an idealist who wanted to save the "world," since that is an abstract concept, but couldn't deal with those close to home. As for comparing Gandhi to Christ, that borders on blasphemy, but if you have read both, you know that. Actually, Christ WILL slaughter all his enemies when he comes again to judge the living and the dead, and he doesn't need guns or bombs. The first time he came as a suffering servant. The next time will be as King Jesus, Lord of Lord and King of Kings, and He won't be suffering. He will be claiming the title deed to the earth, and will be evicting the squatters, (the unbelieving Christ-rejecter's) as per Revelation. Let me see. Satan gave the Sovereign God of the Universe the "chance" to rule the universe? And with weapons and bombs, no less!! Zen, I think you have been contemplating your navel a little too long, and not focusing on the big picture, because you certainly haven't been reading the objective, written Word of God. I'm sorry, but your response to my comments are so incoherent, it is difficult to respond to you. I mentioned, and gave examples, that violence definitely has it's appropriate use, and you respond that Christ missed the opportunity that Satan provided him to rule the universe with bombs etc. I can tell from your comments that you are not familiar with Christian theology, with the person of Jesus Christ, who He claimed to be and who He is, and what the final outcome for this home we call earth, is going to be. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and to have Gandhi as a hero, but to me, he doesn't qualify. Jesus Christ does. Peace be with you

Posted by DONALD on 08/23/2008 at 12:23 AM

Re: “Letters

"What would Gandhi do?" What is it with some of you so-called "peace" advocates? Who on earth cares what Gandhi would do, or did, for that matter!!! This extremely native, hopelessly absurd, holier than thou, self-righteous pontificating about nonviolence, is so mindless it staggers the imagine. By marching around carrying signs and interfering with parades, or people doing their thing, you inject violence into the equation. If someone breaks into your house and is intent on great bodily harm to your family, are you going to practice nonviolence, or are you going to shoot the thug? If you choose the latter, then your are a hypocrite for advocating nonviolence. If you choose the former, you are an idiot. Even a cockroach will defend it's young. Where would Israel be if they didn't defend themselves against the descendent's of Ishmael? Israel seems to be the only civilized country in the whole region, where descendent's of Ishmael can become full citizens, unlike Jews in Arab countries. Where would we be if we practiced nonviolence against Hitler, or Stalin? Even though we are only semi-free in this country, if we had lost World War II because we practiced nonviolence, we would be a lot less free at this point in history. Violence definitely has it's positive points. It has turned back evil on more than one occasion. But to march around with a sign, or block traffic, or disrupt parades, is just plain idiotic, has never changed one single mind about anything, and is plain foolishness. Now you have the right to be foolish, but please, don't think you are being morally superior to the rest of us that don't agree with your childless tactics.

Posted by DONALD on 08/21/2008 at 4:41 PM

Re: “Letters

Walking a prayer maze, or "visualize world peace," is too New Age for me, and of course, nonsense. Sounds like that organization has been contemplating their navel for too long and lost sight of reality. Protest war all you want, but to indulge in violent demonstrations to bring about peace is like engaging in sex to reduce the population. Like I said before, has anyone every been influenced by a peace demonstration? Has anyone every changed their mind because they saw someone holding a sign up? I doubt it. And voting is about as useless an endeavor as there is. Out of 300,000,000 million people we get to pick between Obama, the new messiah, and McCain. God help us all. By the way, I don't think Bush lied, but I NEVER thought he would make a good President.

Posted by DONALD on 08/14/2008 at 5:50 PM

Re: “Letters

In reference to my comment "Peace and Quite," it obviously should have read "Peace and Quiet," but I posted that comment before my first cup of coffee.

Posted by DONALD on 08/14/2008 at 8:39 AM

Re: “Letters

PEACE AND QUITE: It seems to be that the "peace" demonstrators of all ilk show time and again that their passion is in direct proportion to their stupidity. Do any of you sanctimonious, self-righteous, pontificating "peace" demonstrators really think that anyone has ever been influenced to change their opinions because they saw some sign-holding loonies making a nuisance of themselves? What makes you think that YOUR political philosophy, or lack of the same, is so superior to others? Also, the continued "Bush lied" mantra is really juvenile. Believe me, I think Bush and his Administration is one of the most incompetent that I've had to suffer under, but lied!! No, he didn't lie. He was misinformed, given bad intelligence and or bad advice. As for that pagan Ghandi, what can one say. While I admire him for his actions in South Africa and India, he was no expert on living the virtue of "personal peace," as the "Peace" and Justice Commission writer claims. Look how he treated his own family, his wife and his friends. You can made a hero out of Ghandi if you like, but he talked the talk, but didn't walk the walk. To be fair, none of us do that well, but then most of us aren't put on a pedestal and worshiped.

Posted by DONALD on 08/14/2008 at 7:53 AM

Re: “Letters

Justin Blough expressed his concerns about the Military having a presence downtown when all the drunks are getting out of the bars. Justin, that was standard procedure back in the 1950's. I assume soldiers from Ft. Carson were required to wear their uniforms when off base, because all of them did. Along with immediately recognizing the soldiers, you would see MPs patrolling the area in their Army jeeps. As a 11-year-old boy, I greatly appreciated their presence. I used to stand on the corner of Pikes Peak Ave and Tejon streets on Saturday night, selling the Sunday Morning Denver Post. The drunks would really give me a bad time, cussing, taking my papers, etc. However, several times the MPs game to my aid. You can't believe the attitude adjustment of these soldiers when they would see a MP. I can't recall anyone every complaining about their presence, and I can't recall any situation where the military hauled some citizen off to a gulag. So Justin, relax. Someone has to control all the drunks inflicting themselves on the public in the downtown area.

Posted by DONALD on 07/22/2008 at 8:11 AM

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