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Re: “Letters

@ Kelly Philpot Miller: You say, its about your body and your choice and if you don't want to carry it for any OR not reason at all; people should shut up and let you abort that thing that is growing in you...End Of Story. Not going to happen Kelly, cause the question really is. Is that thing growing in you a Person??? If it really is a person than it has the same rights as any one else and not even the mother can intrude on it. That is why Personhood had to be takin away to justify "legal abortion."

Do the women a China have the same choices that you have Kelly. You know they don't but since its about population control that cause trumps a "woman's right to choose" their and Janet Brazill as very passionate about the Controling Population cause.

Also Jan B does not want to admit it or keep them out of the limelight (along with like minded people), but their are Freethinkers who oppose abortion as well as fighting the advancement of socialism and statism (even Communism) which many out spoken freethinker activists like Brazill, John Patrick Michael Murphy, Gary Bechman (The Liberal Store), Becky Hale to name a few.

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Posted by donmccullen on 12/16/2011 at 9:36 PM

Re: “Letters

Re: Amanda Udis-Kessler: Stop demonzing those who supporting abortion rights??? Excuse me, but I have read a lot of Janetl Brazill's letters over the years as I said. This woman said a lot of evil things (all to justify abortion on demand and population control), and so has Margaret Sanger who said in protest of woman having larger children at the time that the best thing they could do to their youngest child is to "Kill It." Appently for taking so much life span on Earth away from the mother in time that book was written. Sanger was also an adovcate for eugenics and while those who support her try to cover up her assocations with the Klu Klux Klan and the Nazis, those who fight for the unborn child as well as fighting aganist socialism will continue to to expose this. More can be read by going to the link below.…

The co founder of Freedom From Religion Foundation Anne Nicol Gaylor wrote a book called "Abortion is a Blessing." She got mad at Phil Donahue on his show because of his Catholic upbringing and the shock for making such a statement. Donahue was a liberal himself but should have not been shocked by such a statement. I guess he knows that abortion means ending a life or "possible life" of a pre born baby.

No Amanda, I am not demonizing anyone. I am exposing the hearts and minds and thinking of certain people. Evil is not always ugly and locked up in a box. I don't know much about you or what you said, but I know enough of Janet Brazill and the statements she has met. I can't prove it, but based on what she has said over the years, my conclusion is that the old woman is trying to do what she can to satisfy the hunger (monatary and the hunger for blood like a Psycho Killer or the Character Sylar from the defunked show 'Heroes') of those who proform abortions on a daily basis. In the words of Mark Levin; "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!"

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Posted by donmccullen on 12/15/2011 at 7:09 AM

Re: “Letters

What the Indy decided to edit out of my letter: So read these quotes before you challange my letter.

"Reading her letters to the editor in over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Brazill is doing is what she can to make sure that abortion lobby, Planned Parenthood, and its associates and allies gain important leverage so they can not only “keep abortion legal” but that away that “right to choose” but in favor of the abortion advocates and forcing women by the heavy hand of government to abort their pre born children."

Janet Brazill defended China's population programs in past, present, and for the future that she has left. This tells me what she really thinks. I think its about defending those who do abortions and what they do for a living.

"There is a reason why one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible states that; “You shall not murder.” Taking one innocent life is all one likely need to acquiring a deadly hunger for blood."

Its like what the Pringles ads say. 'Once You Pop, the Fun Never Stops.' The first kill is the hardest but then murder becomes natural. No different than these doctors who do abortions. Maybe one of these days someone will form a real world Hunger Games so we can watch teenagers kill one another in a game of survival.

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Posted by donmccullen on 12/08/2011 at 8:02 AM

Re: “Letters

Richard Skorman may not be a regestered Democrat but make no mistake, he is a ProgressiveLefty. For the Indy, and their loyal fans that is good enough for them.

Posted by donmccullen on 04/28/2011 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Letters

At least Michael Augenstein tries to present a more rational counterpoint to my letter unlike Gina Douglas who compares defunding public broadcasting to the rise of a Roman Dictatorship.

I have been exposed to public broadcasting for most of my life; Thank You Very Much. My mother was a long time supporter of KCME when she was alive and up until now did not take any CPB funds. You and other leftys can hide behind Sesame Street all you want but the fact of the matter is that the show makes money beyond the CPB and since the late 1990's the show took corporate funding.

Yes public broadcasting costs money and that is why they do fund drives...DUH!!! I don't care if it costs $240 dollars or $5 Billion. Its not the Government's role to fund media or to as Michael discribed it; invest "in a better educated, more tolerant America." When I hear the word tolerant that makes me gringe because the left more often is intolerant of those who advocate limited government and old school "family values." Michael Augenstein, your liberalism/progressivism is showing.

Their are things from public broadcasters I accually do like. No its not NPR News, or their flagship drive time news shows. However that does not mean I think that the Federal Government has a duty to preserve 'high culture.' Is it that the role of the fans and listeners... after all public broadcasters tell us that they need support and they need to send them some money. Its just just need that seed money or some other lame excuse to justfy the existance of the CPB.

We have been funding public broadcasting for about three decades now thanks to the LBJ adminstration. We know that the heads of NPR are leftist and expressed their hated of conservatives. They lean left, even if they don't express it with passion like Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Thom Hartman, Rachel Maddow, or Randi Rhodes.

Oh and Investment IS MONEY SPEND!!! They are the same DARN thing.

Posted by donmccullen on 04/21/2011 at 8:28 PM

Re: “Letters

In responce to Ed Bradley:

You like to use Progressive. Well I have nothing aganist progress Ed, and if that makes us a better people and improves our quallity of living then no problem.

However so many people that that term Progressives evently advocate the expandtion of the Nanny State and overstep when it comes to Government Regulation. Also they seems to tear down the morals and customs that have held a society together, thinking if they can challange them just write the society will hold, but as we see its falling apart.

Their are free market ideals when it comes to reforming education and health care but who stands in way? The so called Progressives. Who prefer the Government Monopoly over health care and education. When these eventualy collapse you can thank a Progressive for that.

When it comes to our expanding debt cause Government can't handle what they are taking on, you can truly thank a Progressive for that.

If anyone is truly Progressive, its the Conservative.

As KOA's Mike Rosen points out Progressive on the left is and I quote Rosen; "Progress on the Road to Socialism."

Posted by donmccullen on 04/07/2011 at 10:38 AM

Re: “Letters

While I want thank the Independent for publishing my view point on public broadcasting; I also want to point out that the radio program Democracy Now! does not get funding from either the Corporation for Public Broadcasting nor funding from Private Corporations. That is stated at their website.

I might get a few counter letters saying that Don wants a Public Radio version of Clear Channel. Before you do write a any letter like that; I am just dealing with economic reality. Nothing More and Nothing Less.

If Colorado College or Cheyenne Mountain Public Broadcasting house (parent groups of KRCC and KCME respectfuly) and other small groups can raise enough funds to keep their public radio stations going, then more power to them. If you can't then transfer the station to someone WHO CAN! Yes that might mean a change in the format but that is how our economy works.

Having a radio station that caters to a certain segment's taste in music and news and talk is NOT a right. Everyone has to make money somehow. If your niche is not making money in this market then it needs to be replaced with something that does. In the age of the internet their are plenty of media outlets to get the music and information you seek.

Posted by donmccullen on 04/07/2011 at 10:06 AM

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