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More and more, driving in Colorado Springs necessitates a juggling act of patience, self-defense, self-assertion and not buying into incivility.

click to enlarge Max Rawson
  • Max Rawson

Max Rawson of near downtown is a student.

What emotion does driving in Colorado Springs most often prompt in you? My car is an old junker, so mostly I feel paranoia and anxiety that it'll break down any moment.

Is roadway civility declining? A lot of people seem to think of their car as an extension of themselves. Being in the car empowers them to be aggressive and vent rage.

Cite a few instances of driving incivility you've seen. Colorado College has crosswalks. Cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians, but some drivers buzz right on through without slowing down.

What part of town do you most dislike driving in? Downtown. It's so slow that I skirt around it whenever possible. Also, it's pretty stressful getting on I-25 during morning and afternoon rush hours.

What, in your experience, is the toughest city to drive in? Boston. The traffic is bad and Bostonians have a reputation for aggressive driving.

click to enlarge Elise Bergsten
  • Elise Bergsten

Elise Bergsten of near downtown owns a business.

What emotions do you most experience while driving in Colorado Springs? I drive as little as possible and I don't have long commutes. I'm never rushed. Mostly, I feel peaceful.

What part of town do you like driving in least? The parts where there's no quick way through, like from downtown to Austin Bluffs and Academy. I'd much rather drive on a highway, even if there's traffic.

What, in your experience, is the worst city for driving? Oh my god — Hamburg, Germany! It's a port town with a section of highway where a network of roads criss-cross. Everybody avoids it, but I got hopelessly stuck on a loop in that mishmash. The highway was infested with semis and for the life of me I could not get off.

click to enlarge Damien Kadamus
  • Damien Kadamus

Damien Kadamus of South Academy manages a bar.

What emotion do you experience most driving in Colorado Springs? Frustration from slow drivers and from roads in need of repair.

Are drivers getting less civil? It's definitely a problem, but I wouldn't say they're getting worse.

What part of town do you most enjoy driving in? Downtown. The scenery is attractive, the Colorado College campus is nice, and there's all those big homes.

Where in town do you dislike driving? Anywhere on Academy Boulevard.

What would improve Colorado Springs traffic? Roadwork. Repair the potholes.


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