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Re: “After-school special

Just in. Lawsuit Larry, oops sorry, I mean Dr. Lawsuit Larry and Annette the Blackheart have filed lawsuits against Rich Mestas, and Dennis Fuerstien. ( weren't they last seen holding hands?)
Ok keep trying to shame me into putting my name here, I may not have 7 degrees but even a blissfully ignorant peasant like me is smart enough to know you can't be too cautious when dealing with the Hernandez dynasty.

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Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 10/08/2009 at 7:01 PM

Re: “After-school special

I can truely understand why these schools have a huge deficit, what with Dr.Hernandez and Annette charging everything from candy bars and soda pop to cars on the company credit card.
I really wonder what happened to the money raised at CCA day, wear jeans to work day, and all the money made when he had employees asking for donations at the Chili and Frijole Festival the past 8 years?
Now the schools can no longer use the logo that Dr.Hernandez owns. That is good that the children will no longer have to wear that logo, since it represents the scarlett letters of greed, corruption, and the trampling of workers rights.
We all now know that DHPH stands for:

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Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 10/08/2009 at 1:03 PM

Re: “Network error

Mrs.Gallardo, while it is quite understandable that you would staunchly defend your brother you cannot ignore the facts regarding his and Annettes firing.
Physically pushing a superior, and an employee, cursing at them and hurling racial slurs at a security guard (another employee) constitutes workplace violence, workplace harassment, and ethnic intimidation. All are grounds for termination.
Rich Mestas was following the orders of the school board president (whom I will agree is a coward). In publicly confronting Dr.Hernandez, Mr.Mestas was defending his teachers. He was being a good leader. Now you may not agree with his comments but he had the right to voice them. After his speech to Dr.Hernandez, Mr.Mestas went to his vehicle and found that someone had keyed it.(a cowardly act)
In regards to your comment about administrators with no license I applaud you for sticking to your convictions as many know that is why you left the school.
The reason most people who comment about the CCSN do not put down their name is the fear of a lawsuit and many do not have access to a school network provided laywer.
Dr.Hernandez stood alone due to the fact that most of his inner circle of supporters no longer support him, have left the school, or are now being sued by him. Most of his supporters now come from his softball team.
Again giving credit to you, yes Velia Rincon as a wonderful young lady and a qualified educator, it is extremely sad that she has become collateral damage in this situation.

Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 10/05/2009 at 7:47 AM

Re: “Network error

Dr.Hernandez, Annette, and Jason have with their actions dragged the name Cesar Chavez through the mud for far too long. Last week when they were put on PAID administrative leave they threatened, cursed, and pushed their school board president and high school principal. Cesar Chavez was a man of non violence.

Dr.Hernandez and his wife were paid enormous amount of money during their time running the CCSN. Cesar Chavez was paid less than $6.00 an hour as head of the UFW.

Dr.Hernandez would not allow his staff and teachers to join a union. Cesar Chavez was a union leader and a champion for the working men and women.

Dr.Hernandez locked students, staff and teachers out of THEIR school, fired administrators and forced the teachers to write letters of loyalty to him. Cesar Chavez embraced members of his union, went on hunger strikes and was willing to die in order for workers to be treated fairly.

It is so ironic that when Dr.Hernandez was treated in the same manner that he treated the students, staff, and teachers at the Goal Academy he reacted in a violent tyranical fashion. Could you imagine what would have happened if he were forced to write a loyalty letter? Speaking of the loyalty letter doesn't that sound like something Fidel Castro might have demanded. So maybe they should rename their network the Fidel Castro School Network it would be more appropriate.

Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 10/01/2009 at 9:39 PM

Re: “You're not the boss of me

No way!!! I would have never seen this coming! After all the chestthumping and bravado of Dr. Lawsuit Larry pleading the state to "BRING IT ON". Now this egomaniac wants to dictate the terms of the audit. In my opinion this man and his administration are a huge mess and an embarassment. He may be able to bully his staff, the CCSN School Board, and the Pueblo City Schools board but he now may have met his match.
Oh that load noise you hear is the CCSN paper shredder working overtime.

Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 08/16/2009 at 11:55 AM

Re: “A closer look

It is a crying shame that we the taxpayers, who really pay Lawrence, Annette, and Jasons obscene salaries have to foot the bill for this audit.
In the Pueblo Chieftain the banner read "A waste of money" and Lawrence stated that the audit was a waste of money. Well if this man had cooperated with District 60 there would not be a need for this audit.
Lawrence has sued the school district for 900 thousand dollars and lost yet he continues to litigate which costs all of us more money. How long can we afford to have this man pillaging our city schools coffers?
Peggy Littleton should really take a closer look at what is happening with CCSN because soon enough these huge problems will be sprouting up in her backyard as the Denver CCA school will soon be opening. Dr. Lawsuit Larry has had huge issues with the State regarding funding, and that will be just the beginning. I'm sure more lawsuits are in the offing.
Again if you are considering sending your child to CCA or DHPH please don't!!! To the good people of Pueblo. Boycott CCA and DHPH!!Si Se Puede!!! Together we can get rid of the Money Grubbers Lawrence, Annette, and Jason.

Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 07/09/2009 at 1:25 PM

Re: “Avoiding the mothership

The Bullying that is written about by Disheartened is a systemic problem throughout the CCN. In Pueblo bullying starts at the top. Lawrence and Annette bully their employees on a daily basis. If a staff employee has a good athlete, or musician that employee is STRONGLY encouraged to have their child in whatever CCA activity in which they are good at. If the child lets say wrestles for a club outside of CCA that staff member will quickly be called into a meeting with the unholy trinity of Lawsuit Larry, Annette and Jason. In the meeting they will be strong armed to have their student wrestle for CCA and CCA only. The reason bullys were not kicked out of school here in Pueblo is because they were members of Annettes favorite group the Untouchables.

In Pueblo the janitors were let go, Annettes stepbrother was hired to do janitorial work. The teachers were told they had to clean their classrooms. (seems as the stepbrother wasn't getting paid enough to clean classrooms)

As far as leadership goes Lawrence could not lead a two man parade. This man tells his staff not to come to him if they have a problem but only to come to him if they have a solution to their problem. HELLO if you have the solution you wouldn't have a problem.

This school has one teaching method period. Spend as much time as possible studying for the CSAP test.

Many of the teachers who work at the school now are very unwilling to come forward and voice their displeasure for fear of being fired. Lawrence has said in meetings that he has ways of finding out who is secretly talkng to reporters.

If you are thinking of working at any CCN schools please reconsider, if you are a parent contemplating sending you child to a CCN school please don't. Lastly if you live in Pueblo boycott CCA and DHPH!!! Si Se Puede!! Yes we can get rid of the unholy trinity of Lawsuit Larry, Under-Educated Annette, and The Moneyman (he really likes that name) Jason.

Posted by Duped in Pueblo on 07/07/2009 at 6:06 PM

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