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If there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's food. People who cook, can, butcher or bake are the real heroes in this divisive world.

click to enlarge Hailey Nack
  • Hailey Nack

Hailey Nack of the northeast is an actual Disney princess.

What do you usually bring to a potluck? Oh, jalapeño poppers. They're so good, but I always manage to get the juice in my eye. It's like a tradition.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi, definitely. You can live on it. You've got your veggies, your carbs, your weird stuff. All you need.

Are you a canner/pickler/preserver? I've tried. I keep trying to make my own kimchi and messing it up — I've gone through so many heads of Napa cabbage. I think I just salt it too much.

click to enlarge Chris McDaniel
  • Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel of the southeast is a cook at Flatirons.

If someone invites you to a potluck, what signature dish do you always bring? Oh, that's hard. I make so many things. Usually a pot roast or mashed potatoes and gravy. Something that sticks to your ribs. Nothing light.

Where do you get your recipes? You can go online and get a lot, but I also get them from my mom. She was my first chef. I'd cook with her when I was a kid — my dad didn't like it, but I did. She gave me the old family recipes. There's a few she still won't give me though.

What do you like about cooking? Food brings people together. In the restaurant business, I like the stress. It's not like working behind a desk.

click to enlarge Joshua Easterling
  • Joshua Easterling

Joshua Easterling of the north side is an artist/gardener/scientist.

Tell me about the worst cooking experience you've ever had. I think cooking with bad emotions is always a bad experience. It taints the food. You end up burning something or it turns into mush. You have to have love or something positive to put into your food.

Is there a particular dish you usually bring to potlucks? A salad made of food that I grew in my own aquaponics garden. Something that shows people what live food tastes like.

What do you mean, live food? I mean literally alive. If you take a Kirlian photo, it shows the electromagnetic aura of our food. People eat a lot of dead food. It's like being a vampire. You can't live on something dead.


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