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Re: “Academy accused of targeting religious group

Benn There thanks for sharing what you can. I do appreciate your candor where you are able to do so. Do I understand you correctly that your case is still working its way through the IG process? Mr K-- if readers wish to test my assertion that Mr Weinstein is running a smear campaign against Gen Born all they have to do is go to the MRFF website and do a "General Born" search or secure a copy of the transcripts of Mr Weinstein vs AFA for the National Prayer Luncheon. I'll let readers draw their own conclusions. Not sure how you leaped to "getting me to admit that things at AFA did not improve before 2009". Let me be clear (I’ve always wanted to say that) my position is this. Events leading up to the needed 2005 upheaval clearly demonstrated the balance between the establishment and free exercise clauses were out of whack at the Academy – especially as it pertained to the principle of undue influence. I argue the balance however has been reasonably recalibrated to its proper place especially since 2009. My concern is the residual pain from the buffoonery of 2005 has not been properly addressed to the satisfaction of those who feel the persistent wounds of 2005. Without addressing these residual wounds, the wounded will remain in bunkers; continue to snipe; and struggle to recognize the reasonable recalibration that has taken place at the Academy. Every time I engage in these conversations I’m hoping someone can credibly demonstrate current abuses to substantiate Mr Weinstein’s need for “war” against the Air Force Academy. To date no one has. Granted “Benn There’s” circumstances appears to be on going but is that not because the wheels of justice are turning painfully slow for him and he daily sees those he believes did him in prior to 2009? This is my concern much of the ink spilt on this subject appears to deal with past unresolved grievances that gives the casual reader the impression the balanace is still out of whack and does not acknowledge the reasonable recalibration that has taken place.

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Posted by Ender on 02/05/2012 at 10:46 PM

Re: “Academy accused of targeting religious group

been there may I ask when this happened to you? I've never denied there was buffoonery and significant pain caused prior to Gen Gould taking the stick in June 2009. Please elaborate. Apparently you've already blown the whistle and are protected by "whistle blower" laws. Lay out your case to include timeline for the benefit of the readers. So we can all be better informed on this subject. Mr K-- welcome to the conversation. Please demonstrate how I have smeared Mr Weinstein in my writings (and please keep the context intact as best you can). Have I done it when I asked readers to go to the MRFF website and hear directly from Mr Weinstein? Have I mis-characterized Mr Weinstein's tactics and strategy? Have I called him names? Please educate me on how I have smeared Mr Weinstein. And I'll gladly apologize.

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Posted by Ender on 02/04/2012 at 8:05 PM

Re: “Academy accused of targeting religious group

Honestly, I don't need to smear Mr Weinstein – nor is it my intent. My apologies if that is what you believe I’m trying to do. I have no desire to do so. Mr Weinstein speaks for himself. I have represented his tactics and strategic agenda dispassionately and accurately. I invite readers to review the MRFF website and see Mr Weinstein for themselves. Two of my particular favorites are his Army War College video and his Red Bird Radio interview. Show me where I have misrepresented his tactics and agenda. Have I once called him a name? If Gen Born perjured herself, no argument here, she needs to be held accountable. Just as I would expect Mr Weinstein to be held accountable when he testifies in court. Trouble is Mr Weinstein constantly hides behind an ever inflating anonymous Academy client base that no one, not even Ms Zubeck, has access to but him. All you have to do is read the transcripts of his appearance in Federal Court when he sued the Academy over the National Prayer Luncheon to understand what I mean. Again the man speaks for himself. Finally ben Kenobi why does my dispassionate reason and questions trouble you so that your only come backs are name calling. Where are your current facts? Please, I beg of you enlighten the readers with current facts and actual cases of retribution, lives ruined, blood in the streets, etc. Wait for it. Que the name calling. Thanks ben. You are a true Jedi.

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Posted by Ender on 02/04/2012 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Freshman cadet 'counseled' for proselytizing in e-mail

ben kenobi you are on a whole 'nother level. Enjoy your star wars space experience. shear modulus if you've ever walk the grounds of the circle you'd know the general public has easy access to it. Anyone from off campus could have put those rails together. Given MRFF's proven political theater tactics, it would not surprise me if one of MRFF's clients did it. A10Guy thanks for taking the time to lay out your experience. No small thing and its appreciated. If I understand you correctly, you’ve already blown the whistle and you’re already known. But you have not spoken with CH (COL) Bruno directly about these injustices. Am I correct in my understanding?

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Posted by Ender on 02/04/2012 at 7:05 AM

Re: “Academy accused of targeting religious group

If readers recall Ms Zubeck reported Mr Weinstein declared war on the Academy. See Sep 17 2010 article, "Weinstein: 'A state of war' with AFA". With Mr Weinstein leading a personal smear campaign against Gen Born who would be surprised to learn of Gen Born's desire for self-defense. Who can forget Mr Weinstein's classic name calling of Gen Born, "General Born-Again." Trouble is she's a practicing Catholic. But the facts have never gotten in the way of a good tag line for Mr Weinstein. If there is a COIN campaign, I'd wager it’s a campaign to counter Mr Weinstein's master spin campaign with cold hard facts. Asking someone to find ways to get the truth out is neither unethical nor illegal. In fact, it ought to be commended. Here’s hoping Ms Zubeck decides to do some impartial investigative journalism on this subject soon so we all can be better informed.

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Posted by Ender on 02/04/2012 at 6:45 AM

Re: “Freshman cadet 'counseled' for proselytizing in e-mail

A10Guy thank you. Your story sounds compelling and at the same time driven by past pain. As a result I can't help but wonder how your pain is coloring your judgment on how USAFA currently handles mis-steps regarding religious expression. For example back in the day the cadet who sent the e-mail more than likely would not have been "counseled." Today the cadet is "counseled". The punishment fit the crime. How current was your personal experience of religious intolerance? You certainly are entitled to your opinion on how USAFA should have beamed out Gen Schwartz's memo immediately. My point remains that is was sent out. I've never disputed MRFF has ferreted out buffoonery on occasion. My concern is Mr Weinstein's "ends justifies the means" strategy and tactics where facts are often stream-rolled, ignored, mocked, or recast in MRFF's favor in order to keep the MRFF story line alive. His strategy and tactics certainly keep him in the press. The cost however is for those who follow this subject must sift through the BS to get to the heart of matter. But as I have said before I admire Mr Weinstein for his mastery of political theater. My point is "putting their heads on a pole" for religious expression is not, nor will it ever be Constitutionally supported. Unless you find away to get it categorized has "hate speech." The punishment must fit the crime. The punishment you and MRFF are asking for does not honor the Constitution, as MRFF claims to do, nor does the UCMJ support it. What would you have liked to see happen to the cadet? Spell it out with support from case law and the UCMJ. Those who tanked your career for the causes you describe should and must be held accountable. I suspect the senior academy chaplain, CH (COL) Robert Bruno was not on watch when these things happened to you. Have you spoken with him? No need to answer this question. Just a thought from a citizen soldier.

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Posted by Ender on 01/29/2012 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Freshman cadet 'counseled' for proselytizing in e-mail

ben kenobi so you're going to chose the path of personal attack instead of taking the opportunity to support your claims of "blood on their hands," "harassment," or "assault"? If you are currently serving on the faculty at USAFA, may I suggest counseling to work through your pain? You clearly have quite a bit of anger built up and no outlet other than making unsubstantiated claims that USAFA leaders ruined your life. You and the rest of the crew in this comment trail strike me as the kinda disgruntled Airmen who firmly believe the world has dumped on them and fail to account for their own short-comings that led to the dump and fail to be satisfied with their notable achievements and pay. You all are probably a bunch of O-5s, O-6s or civilian equivalents who believe you deserve a higher rank or recognition. And ben kenobi you've certainly studied Mr Weinstein's playbook -- pick only those facts that support your narrative and attack the personality of those who raise thoughtful questions that inconvenient or to difficult to explain away. I'm surprised you haven't called me a cretin yet -- one of Mr Weinstein's favorite names to call folks who dare to ask for credible, substantiated evidence for what is claimed. If I recall correctly, didn't King George consider Thomas Jefferson a terrorist? Thanks for the compliment. Now anytime you're ready to demonstrate some moral courage to make things right feel free to step up like a real American hero and "blow the whistle." Till then be a professional Airmen and stop trying to trash people's service because you aren't getting what you want or think you deserve. Finally you may want to find a new handle. I don't think George Lucas had your temperament in mind for Ben Kenobi. Just one citizen soldier's opinion.

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Posted by Ender on 01/28/2012 at 3:37 PM

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