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SHeDAISY's sister act puts Whoopi Goldberg to shame

click to enlarge Kristyn (left), Kelsi and Kassidy keep kinship key.
  • Kristyn (left), Kelsi and Kassidy keep kinship key.

For country outfit SHeDAISY, the idea of a band being a family rings especially true.

The three members of the group, Kassidy, Kristyn and Kelsi Osborn are sisters and so is the sometimes-fourth member, Karli.

Recently, when Kelsi took a break from her normal duties as a member of SHeDAISY to birth twin girls, it was little sis Karli that Kassidy and Kristyn called upon to step in.

Now, with Kelsi back in the fold and on tour with SHeDAISY as it promotes its fourth album, Fortuneteller's Melody, Karli remains an active member. This time, she's filling in for Kristyn, who is taking some time away to begin writing songs for upcoming album No. 5.

"We're the country Menudo," Kassidy says, laughing over the phone from Nashville. "[We] just keep throwing one in there!"

And while Karli makes for a fitting replacement fans have been packing the group's performances without necessarily noticing a difference Kassidy is quick to say her presence isn't permanent.

Still, Karli's role does speak to one unchanging quality of SHeDAISY's: The Utah-bred trio is a true sister act. When the sisters first moved to Nashville, they had to keep each other's needs in mind as they slowly escalated toward stardom. Kelsi, Kassidy and Kristyn even shared one car "the grey slug" in the early days.

"Being sisters, we shared a lot of things," Kassidy says. "We needed to work at the same location, so we all worked at the mall. That car got us through a lot of things."

It's not always hearts and flowers, but the perks of having family around are numerous. Each member has a specific role, and Kassidy says the women rely on each other a lot.

"We know we don't function without one another," she says. "I would not ever want to do this and be in this business alone. I don't know how people do it. There's strength in numbers three brains working for each other."

And while those brains are put to good use singing, they're also making a difference in and outside their own family. On the SHeDAISY Web site, a link takes visitors to the national Alzheimer's Association site. It's a cause that's near and dear to the women's hearts because they had a grandmother who passed away with the disease.

"We were able to see how devastating that was," Kassidy says. "It's a very sad, heartbreaking disease. You watch this person fade away to someone you don't know."

The Osborns have been similarly impressed by the number of other artists they've seen speak out as well. It's important, Kassidy says, to "use your voice and use your position to rightfully help certain things you're passionate about."

And with a sound that falls somewhere between Shania Twain and Sheryl Crow, multi-platinum selling SHeDAISY has been able to spread its message across a wide fan base.

"We're not traditional country," Kassidy says. "We have radio-friendly songs. And we have a youthful following."

Whether the band's trying to get across a charitable message or attempting to keep fans from noticing minor changes in the group's lineup, it all comes back to the group's musical family connection. That's one part of SHeDAISY that Kassidy says will never change.

"We still have the harmony," she says. "We'll always have that."



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