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The Waldo Canyon Fire prompted world headlines and mass evacuations by laying siege to Colorado Springs last summer. With the canyon left in cinders, the potential for catastrophic flooding looms large this summer.

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Gihan Fellah from Cimarron Hills works with developmentally disabled adults

Have you had any encounters with flooding? No, and I'm from here. We live out east, though, away from the mountains.

If a flood were imminent, what would you absolutely save? My children. And my photo albums — those are my memories.

Will we have wildfires in the area this summer, too? Definitely. Other natural disasters, too.

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Debbie Smith from Pleasant Valley is a teacher

How up are you on the Waldo Canyon flooding danger? I've heard a little about it, and what they're doing to rectify it.

How concerned are you? Not so much for myself, but considerably for my friends who live near the burn area.

What would you save first in a flood? My personal documents and my family pictures — they're all I have of my late husband.

Will there be more wildfires this summer? Who knows? And if not a fire, a tornado or something.

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Darrin Reay from the west side is a rock climbing guide

How concerned are you about flooding due to the Waldo Canyon burn scar? I'm very concerned. I'm a mountaineer who lives in a tent nine months of the year.

What possession would you absolutely save in a flood? My dog and my climbing gear, which is always in my backpack by the door. I don't have a computer.

Have you personally experienced flooding? Between having been in the military and living for 30 years in the mountains, I've had plenty. I've seen 80-foot walls of water come down desert canyons.

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Lynn Lee from Cheyenne Cañon is a restorative justice facilitator

Does the potential for flooding from the Waldo Canyon Fire scar worry you? Quite a bit, actually. I have a lot of friends who live in Manitou. It's a very real danger.

Have you ever encountered flooding? We live in a flood zone. Our house in Cheyenne Cañon has flooded three times.

Will there be an area wildfire this summer, too? Absolutely! We had two this week — one in Red Rocks, one in Crystal Park — and isn't there one in Fort Collins right now?


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