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Sixty seconds with Chris Sturniolo

Indy: Is there any kind of Denver scene or sound that you feel connected to at this point?

CS: Yeah, I think there is. A lot of bands are trying to do things a little bit different, but still within the realm of pop music. Bands like the Wheel and Bela Karoli.

Indy: One of the things that makes you guys different is the generous use of horns on your album. How did that come about?

CS: Well, Patrick [McGuire] and I went to music school, so we're pretty interested in arranging and composition. And then I had a friend from high school who played the French horn, so I called him up and we got really lucky. He and his brass quintet were going to be in Denver just for a day or two — they were playing up at the Aspen Music Festival — and they said they'd be glad to play on the album. So we kind of furiously just started writing parts for them. The only payment we gave them was, I bought them Chick-fil-A after they were done playing for the day.

Indy: I know every band is completely original and like no band before it. But if that weren't the case, who would your influences be?

CS: We're heavily influenced by Elliott Smith and the Beatles, and we like Arcade Fire. We really like the National, those guys are awesome. It's hopefully just a big combination of the stuff we enjoy.

Indy: You change your name a lot.

CS: Oh man, we were Fiancé for two years, and then we decided to change it to the Atlantic last May. But then a band from Virginia wrote us and said they'd trademarked the name before we'd gotten around to doing that. We said we'd play a battle of the bands for the name, but they didn't want to. From what we hear, they're already broken up now. But I think we're gonna stick with this one for a while.

At the Black Sheep, Saturday, Jan. 30.


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