Freshman 15: Myth or on the money? 

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You're new to college. To make the most of it, must you eat and drink your way to a spare tire? That's debatable. What's not debatable is that for approximately 15 weeks, your mind and body will be under siege, and the onus will be on you to reverse the curse.

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Marina Hendrickson, a Colorado Springs native, is a CU-Boulder student

Do you believe in the freshman 15? Well, for some people. I mean, you start the year out and you see everyone and you kind of see the slow progression for some people, and you definitely see them put on weight. It's definitely that first year ... it hits you hard.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, what is your routine? I run every day, and I also ride a stationary bike or an outside bike

Do you like to work out with a buddy or by yourself? I enjoy working out by myself 'cause it's a time to think, and when you're exercising you're working hard, and so talking can be kind of difficult. Also you can challenge yourself and work at your own level and not worry about if you're holding the other person back or if the other person is holding you back.

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Lily Hoversten lives downtown and is a student at Colorado College

Do you believe in the freshman 15? I think it's somewhere in between ... I don't think it's a rule by any means, I think it totally depends on your lifestyle choices in college.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, what is your routine? I would say that I exercise pretty regularly. The thing I do most is rock climb. I'm definitely more into sports like rock climbing than cardiovascular sports.

What motivates you to keep working out? I like the benefits of it that come after working out. But for me, rock climbing is really fun. It's not like I have to exercise, but I get to exercise. Afterwards you feel better, you sleep better, you get a lot of endorphins from it.

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Alex Smyk lives in New York and is a student at Columbia University

What are your thoughts on the freshman 15: Fact or fiction? The vast majority of people don't [gain the weight]. It's something to worry about and it does happen, but I don't think every person experiences it.

Do you exercise regularly? If so, what is your routine? During summer, twice a week. During school, no way.

What motivates you to keep working out? 'Cause I'm a small dude, I need to work out.


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