From Blue Lady of Burlesque, Mam’zelle Hepzibah's sound advice 

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Mam’zelle Hepzibah is a singer, guitarist and “The Blue Lady of Burlesque.” She started performing with Peaks and Pasties in 2010, and over the years she has performed across Colorado, including recurring appearances at GalaxyFest After Dark. Currently she tends bar and hosts karaoke at the Zodiac Venue and Bar.

Essential Saturday night listening: Lately I’ve been on a Missing Persons kick. I’ve entered a transitional phase in my life, and the song “Destination Unknown” has become my recent theme song. “Noticeable One” is a song that gets me excited to go out and be around people.

Essential Sunday morning listening: Sunday mornings (more like afternoon by the time I wake up) usually feature the Kinks and Shocking Blue. Mostly upbeat and rhythmic rock.

First record I bought with my own money: The first album I ever bought was Nirvana’s Nevermind. It was on cassette tape, and I played it until it wasn’t playable anymore. They were the first band I listened to that wasn’t music my parents listened to.

“Wish I’d written that” song: I wish I’d written “Love Buzz” by Shocking Blue. That song has been covered, remixed and sampled by different artists, and barely anyone knows the original artist. I feel like that kind of obscureness fits my personality.

My latest online discovery: I can’t say I’ve discovered anything new online, but I have noticed a lot of music I loved growing up is becoming popular again. It’s refreshing that so many TV shows and movies have started putting a lot more effort into their soundtracks.

“Wish I could unhear that” song: That “Friday” song by Rebecca Black. I think I was mostly annoyed by the overuse of the Auto-Tune on her voice. She sounded robotic. In all fairness, I have not confirmed she’s human...

Artist more people should know about: If you couldn’t guess already, a band I think is seriously underrated is Shocking Blue. Each person in that band was nothing short of amazingly talented. They influenced so many other musicians, and yet no one really knows who they are nowadays.


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