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Last year, we helplessly followed news of barrels of oil spewing into the Gulf from a BP well. Currently, we helplessly watch as our bank balances are drained at the pumps caused by something not as identifiable. Farewell, gas pedal; hello, bike pedal?

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Angelo Cordova from the east side is a health insurance specialist

What did it cost to fill your gas tank last? It cost about $48 to fill up, and it was just outrageous. The way the prices seem to be going up on a weekly basis — it's maddening, and I'm seriously thinking about just going to public transportation, and using my car as minimal transportation.

At these rates, will it affect your summer plans? Definitely. I had made plans about going to California, but at this point in time with the way the prices are going up, we're either thinking of just not going or trying to find some alternate method of going.

What do you think the government can do to lower gas prices? Maybe stop giving so many breaks to the oil moguls, and instead of seeking foreign oil, we should explore more alternative energy sources. If not that, then try to find some oil on our own property. If we can cut out the middle man, maybe it'll save us all a little bit.

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Eric Anderson from downtown is retired military

Is the SUV dead? I think it was dead the day it came out. Everybody wants a vehicle that has 500-horsepower plus — my god, all you gotta do is step on the pedal once, and you're stopping by a gas station.

As someone who bikes for transportation, do you think the city is bike-friendly? The people here are not road-polite, not at all. Many times I've had people literally try to push me off the road and are yelling out their window, "Why are you hogging up the whole lane? You don't pay road taxes."

Is there anything the city should do to make more people consider bicycling over driving? We're limited with space. We can't really widen the streets for bike trails, but we can make it quite apparent to drivers if there's no bike lane and you see a bike, you have to respect that bike as another moving vehicle.

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Steven Carlson from the east side is a bartender

Have the gas prices changed your driving habits? No, not at all. My car is my freedom, my car is everything to me, so I can't go without it. If I have to put on a second job to afford more gas to do what I want to do 'cause life is very short, I'm going to keep doing it.

Is there anything the government should do to keep gas affordable? I don't think they should change anything. We live in the best country in the world, and if our government tells us what we need to do for gas, they're the ones with the research, I trust their judgment. I don't like it all the time but I know it's one of those things I personally cannot control as a consumer.

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