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What you might describe as us-versus-them-ness, once a Colorado Springs signature, seems to have lessened in recent years. What's taken its place?

click to enlarge Mike Wurum

Mike Wurum of Manitou Springs works for a restaurant

How would you rate civic pride in this area? I grew up in New York City and moved here from there. There's way more pride here. There's so much more to be proud of here.

What local event attracts bigger crowds than you might expect? Front Range Barbeque looks like a small, quaint little place, but it's completely wall-to-wall packed when they book good music groups.

What event ought to draw bigger crowds? I've been to two film festivals in the year I've lived here. I'd love to see them better attended.

If you were to form a group, what would it be? Something that explores the possibilities around permaculture: gardening, farming, self-sustainability and whatnot.

click to enlarge Noah August Turner

Noah August Turner of Manitou Springs is a delivery worker

Gauge the level of civic pride locally. It's moderate. The people I know here are more into celebrating life than into politics and ideology.

Name an oft-overlooked facet of Colorado Springs culture. The Fine Arts Center.

>What local event has attracted bigger crowds than you'd have thought? Mardi Gras in Manitou.

Is there a local group you'd like to get involved with? I'd love to volunteer with a group that mentors handicapped children.

Is there a group you've always been curious about? I'm not sure why, but POWs have always interested me. Also, Native Americans and various Bible-study youth groups.

Do you belong to any groups? I always avoided group-joining. I enjoy participation and community, but I don't subscribe to anything.

click to enlarge Robin Fassett-Carman

Robin Fassett-Carman of Colorado College is a student

Assess this town's level of civic pride. I see pride in the nearby Air Force Academy and in the beauty of the area, but I also sense a big political divide.

Identify an overlooked aspect of Colorado Springs culture. The diversity. There's a ton of different sub-communities.

What local group would you like to get involved with? I'd like to tutor with El Centro, a program that works with Hispanic families. I'd also like to volunteer at a downtown community-oriented café called Seeds.

If you were to start a group, describe what it would be. An Ultimate Frisbee program that would bring the cultures of Colorado College students and town residents into closer interaction.

Is there a local group or organization you don't identify with? I get frustrated with the narrowness of Focus on the Family.


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