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What is he hiding?

Dear Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet,
I've been appalled at the truth that has been uncovered by the Mueller report! The 10 or 12 instances of obstruction of justice by our sitting president are unacceptable. His integrity and moral compass is completely lost and frankly scary.

I request that as the senators representing the state of Colorado that you endeavor together to open a bipartisan investigation to fill in the gaps of the Mueller report. Lead together in this bi-partisan effort to get the the bottom of Why is the president obstructing justice? What is he hiding? What has Donald Trump done, that is so big and so horrible, that he wants no one to know, that he would commit 10 acts of obstruction of justice so that no one would find out his terrible action? What is behind his obstruction of justice? We the people need to know. Congress must take the reins and get to the bottom of this. This must come out before any impeachment proceedings. You could be true leaders in this bi-partisan effort. By the National polls, fully 65% of the nation would applaud you, and 70% of Coloradans would be at your side.

Further, I call upon you to support a bi-partisan commission to protect our elections from Russian, Chinese and North Korean efforts to interfere with our treasured election process. If this is not done, we should count on the same interference and possibly greater, from these sources, who are no friends of ours and have everything to gain by the breakdown of our democratic way of life. We must protect our elections from this urgent threat.

In summary I call upon you for these 2 actions; 1) Lead a bipartisan investigation in the senate to fill in the gaps and answer the questions the Mueller report leaves hanging, and 2) Form a bipartisan commission to investigate and protect our elections from foreign intervention.

— Jacqueline M Ostrom MA, LPC

Steps to improve recycling

Kudos to The Indy Editorial Board's Voice of Reason"Let's Get Greener" low-key exhortation around Colorado Springs's phenomenally poor recycling rate.

Let's be clear: We're lazy, don't want to be inconvenienced, don't believe in the effects of climate change, believe there's nothing we can do to change, don't want to be "forced" by The Big, Bad, Ugly Government to do anything.

So why not challenge all of the above self-evident truths anyway?

1) Create Mandatory #1, #2 Citywide recycling;
2) Prohibit local retailers from offering unlimited oodles and oodles of plastic grocery bags that will be dumped in the landfill. Bring cloth recycled bags with you to the grocery store - -or you don't eat. This includes Sprouts and Whole Foods, two of the worst offenders. (after Safeway, King Soopers).
3) Follow the lead of European countries like Germany in this regard; oh, no, they are "Practical Socialists," right, like Canadians and their health care?
4) Ban single use containers, i.e., 1-gallon jug water bottles.

That's for starters. Eight percent recycling rates will probably double in the first year.
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Like any learned behavior, recycling can easily become part of one's DNA, if it is supported by the environment we live in. Like seat belt, cell phone and texting laws.

Measurable, eyeball goal: When you look into the recycling and landfill bins, there is 4-5x more in the recycling bin than in the solid waste one.

— Stan Friedman

Do what's right

We recently celebrated Earth Day. We're unique in our galaxy and maybe beyond — this beautiful planet that so far has sustained life against all odds. And since the dawn of the human race, we have shared powerful goals: to know more and to do better, so that future generations may have the chance to thrive.

However, we know that climate change is getting worse; we see it in the summer fires, the winter bomb cyclones, and the steadily rising seas that will start picking off coastal cities if we don't act now. Our planet is in crisis, but we know what we have to do.

Scientists from across the world have made it clear that a swift and decisive reduction in carbon pollution can keep us from disaster. That's why I'm urging all our leaders, especially my state senator Pete Lee, to pass HB-1261. It's a bill that sets realistic goals for Colorado, and initiates a public process so that we the people can decide how best to meet them. This is our chance to create a solution that works for everyone.

To Senator Lee and all his colleagues at the legislature, I trust that you will empower us to do what's right. HB-1261 is the first step towards a secure future for us and the planet we love.

— Janet Brazill

HB19-1312 Exposed

When you see reports like "2000 cases of measles in the US" turn off that knee-jerk reaction function before you hurt yourself or others, and think about it for a second.

The measles infection lasts about a week on average. The media has been *adding to* their reported numbers for how long now? Go ahead and call around to your local health departments. Hell, call the health departments in Washington and New York and ask how many *active* cases they have. Keyword ACTIVE cases. Why is that important? Because you take the CDC reported # of cases and subtract the # of active cases, and you get the number of people who recovered from the infection. Please try this exercise, document what these health departments tell you, and let me know if I'm wrong.

That's the key to understanding how this infection is not deserving of "emergency" or "crisis" statuses, and every public official and media outlet making these claims should be charged with creating hysteria by false emergency in the very least, but preferably for abuse of power, disturbing the peace, misuse of the free press, and the number of false medical claims they've made.

— Jeff Welch



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