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Re: “Judge slaps political committee in local metro district with record high penalty

To this end Mr. Pace wants to go on record and thank the following for their tireless assistance and at great risk to themselves and jobs.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
El Paso County Regional Building Department and records section
Colorado Department of Local Affairs.
Colorado Secretary of State (not Wayne Williams)
Some EPSO staff and you know who you are, LOL
State of North Carolina
State of Texas
Pam Zubeck (got it right this time)
Lindsey Harrison (New Falcon Herald)
Andy Koen (KOAA News)
Judge Chittum
Mr. Miller my lawyer
Special District Association
My Public Defender who is a fighter
My friends at US Bank
There are more but they didn't want the notoriety

12+ ex-employees of Woodmen Hills who risked their jobs to speak to me over the years in fear of retaliation by one ex-board member who controls Woodmen Hills behind the scenes.

Special thanks to Matt Arnold of CIW for his tireless effort to expose corruption.

A recall of all board members is coming soon enough to Woodmen Hills and it's time to wipe the slate.

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Posted by gimmie a break on 06/07/2017 at 12:31 PM

Re: “Judge slaps political committee in local metro district with record high penalty

For those who are lying and hiding the truth is coming out about bought and paid for elections by millionaires who have a financial stake in Woodmen Hills.
What isn't being put out is the name of the person who has been telling these "wealthy men" about Mr. Pace to begin with, they are board members and ex- board members in the local community as shown in their own admissions on several social media sites thru the years. They would tell the real owners of Woodmen Hills that one person asking questions isn't a "team player" and isn't for sale.
My site exposed the names of who got monies and assistance by these "wealthy men" and others over the last 4 elections. Those same people spent over 200,000.00 to keep Mr. Pace off their board.
As for my financial issues, most are a direct result of defending Woodmen Hills actions and one is from trying to stop the flyers and other such claims and civil actions over the years. They hauled me and my family into court on countless occasions directly and via employees.
As the record shows tried in vain to have me jailed by EPSO who were more than happy to help them out. We came here debt free and now after filing BK still over 125,000.00.
These Oscar winners smeared my children's and wifes name in the community all for the express purpose of winning elections. I simply fought back and they called me every name in the book.

How bad did it get well after one issue where they tried to start a fight one employee got in my face and wanted to fight and ordered me off the property. Property we were paying to use. She is another Emmy winner. She sent my information to one of the developers to alert them I was running for the seat. She's a real winner.

One elected official told community members I was a stalker, no kidding! She is the one who controls Woodmen Hills as shown to the public at meeting who is the person who is one of the CRRRG board members.
Want to know the name of the Emmy award winning loser? Go to my web site and read who she is and how she controls Woodmen Hills. Don't take my word for it get the facts. It will piss you off to know it still goes on to this day.
Buying elections is NOT how democracy works. Woodmen Hills by and though its generous contributors bought elections for the express purpose of hindering CORA requests and financial affairs of Woodmen Hills under the ruse I was a "problem" and a "danger" to their way of doing business.
Mr. Pace asked a questions in 2009 about salaries and who owns and runs Woodmen Hills the answer is in the bonds and financial records Woodmen Hills tried to keep from Mr. Pace. In Colorado Open Records Act denials. That information that showed a direct link to those who financially contribute to the past 4 elections.
Woodmen Hills has refused to surrender other public records about its financial operations and Mr. Pace did contact law enforcement agencies but they turned a blind eye to repeated attempts to put the law violations on record. Not only that I went to BOCC meetings to put it out in the publics eye.
Woodmen Hills even hired a spin doctor to put the kibosh on anything that is negative about Woodmen Hills.

Thanks Pam Z for the great story and if you want to know about Mr. Pace try asking him directly instead of asking some puppet of the district. Youll be surprised to learn who the real Mr. Pace is.

As for Mr. Paces records his law enforcement involvement it is partially tied to Woodmen Hills and their employees. Check out my site to get the facts
My web site is backed up with records and documents retrieved on my own accord.
Buying elections under false pretenses is NOT how democracy works. Woodmen Hills by and though its generous contributors bought elections all for the purpose of keeping Mr. Pace off the board because he could not be bought. My vote isn't for sale. I exposed the water and other issues with investigating reports. They didn't want the information out in the public.

The more Mr. Pace kept asking questions the more push back Woodmen Hills kept building.
The truth is Woodmen Hills district and board members as testified to in court didn't want Mr. Pace asking questions and went after him and family as shown and testified to.
Want to know who the center of it is and who kept it up over the years? Get the facts without the "spin".
How bad has it gotten? Woodmen Hills recently hired Mr. Bendelow a lawyer to handle CORA matters and since 95% of all CORA matters related directly to financial issues sought have stopped.

How worried is the board? So worried that Woodmen Hills hired a spin doctor to put the kibosh on anything that is negative about Woodmen Hills. Get the facts not the spin at the no spin zone.

Thanks Pam Z for the great story and if you want to know about Mr. Pace try asking him directly instead of asking some puppet of the district. Youll be surprised to learn who the real Mr. Pace is. Just ask Mr. Andy Koen of KOAA.

Posted by gimmie a break on 06/07/2017 at 11:51 AM

Re: “Pastor blaster

Gardner lost the case and that fact is on record so how is it Pam Zubeck didn't get that right? The Office of Administrate Courts has a file on it so how is Gardner claiming he didn't lose the case or claim it to be false. In Bobs own little world things must be different. He clearly has some issues with reality and he wants people to vote for him.
Below is the final agency decision Bob says is false. There, there Bob reality is bummer.

Ms. Zubeck you must have drank the Kool-Aid from the fountain of Bob. Please take the time to read the actual decision. Bob might want to seek the services of Aspen Point for his inability to cope with "loss".


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Posted by gimmie a break on 10/03/2015 at 8:45 AM

Re: “Pastor blaster

To add a point made earlier, Bob Gardner avoids issues by simply not being the "direct" party to such actions. Case in point, Bobs client failed to file a report on time with the Colorado Secretary of State. The fine was not Bobs but he was the attorney of record and should have filed for his client on time. See Bob sails under the Radar. Now if you think I am endorsing anyone, not true. I asked Mr. K about his military mishap and he wore his uniform and that violated an order but he didn't hide his actions. He took action to get the rule changed and he did. Bob has no character and as such a character debate would be pointless. I did post Mr. K's mailer as Bob didn't send me one. I am controversial and outspoken but I have onions and come from Boston. Bob thinks he is untouchable but even Capone got his. Bob lets his clients take the heat for his bad advise. This is how Bob skates thru life unscathed. Other people use moxy and resilience. Bob just uses people. Now who is the better candidate? You get to decide. Please stop by my controversial site if you dare. https://ronpaceforwoodmenhills.wordpress.c…

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Posted by gimmie a break on 10/02/2015 at 4:55 PM

Re: “Pastor blaster

I am Mr. Pace the person depicted in the flyers of which this matter is all about.
The flyers were produced with funds from three developers in Colorado Springs. Randel Case, Benjamin Green and John Wiepking. These individuals used their bank accounts and assistance from notorious members of the "community".
A fact left off this article is Zubeck is wrong and some of these unsavory characters have done this before.
In 2012 an organization called "The Truth Squad" failed to file any such reports as required by law and Gardner was their attorney. The cost was over 15,000. He is lying to save face when in fact Bob placed a lien on 100% disabled veterans home. The reason; I sued the "Alliance" for sending out flyers making outright false claims to alter and interfere in a water board election by notorious board members and developers. The results are clear, the effect was simple it was aimed to put my family in harms way and to force us out. Even certain EPSO deputies have joined in the fight. The claims were the result of Sarah Jack, Woodmen Hills (board members) "community members" and the "Alliance". Facts are facts, Bob lied to keep up appearances for his candidacy in the senate race. Bob accused me of future criminal wrong doing in the OAC matter and the judge didn't by it. His other client and well known hack screamed like a attack victim during the proceeding so much the judge admonished her three time then told her to quit. Bob is an "officer of the court" and knew he had a duty (canons act) to report the actions of the committees and he failed by giving out advise to "not" file reports to hid the unscrupulous acts of developers who want to remain anonymous to save face in the eyes of their fellow HBA brethren. Bob uses weak minded people when ever he can. Bob gave his clients poor legal advise an it cost them 9650.00. You can bet Bob collected his fees for service and he continues to represent these troglodytes. The new compliant is accurate. Mrs. Zubeck you like so many fall for "Mr. Republican Party" all the time. Bobs screaming client admitted to taking Bobs legal advice under oath. Bobs own utterances at trial showed he was the one who guided his clients and lied about having developers as clients when asked. He said "the statue ran" is the reason for not filing the reports. Bob has no character and he wanted me to turn over my Harley Davidson motorcycle to him in court and he just laughed smugly afterward. To quote my CSGTM from the Army, "its not the fall, its the stop that hurts. Bob's fall will be historic.

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Posted by gimmie a break on 10/02/2015 at 12:44 PM
Posted by gimmie a break on 08/26/2014 at 7:27 PM

Re: “The campaign for Amendments 60 and 61 and Prop 101 sounds bad, but it may just work

If you actually read the amendments they do not automatically cut the school budget
The politicians need to stop spending and this would make that happen
look at it this way when you over spend you use credit to cover it or you go without
the state can spend and add fees and call it balance.
Now take out your caculators and ask yourself how many state workers lost their jobs last year compared to private workers. The numbers will amaze you they actually added jobs
When your spouse lost their job did you go out and buy a new car?
Does anyone remember the depression?

Smaller government means less expense and less cost.
We have not grown in the past 3 years
Yes we have to spend a little more to operate but adding jobs is mind boggling to anyone.
Oh how were you treated by state employees on the phone when you called for service
My point exactly.
Holding the rich accountable is the right thing to do and voting on a bond or expenditure is the right thing to do
If the community doesnt want to spend more money then they have a right to vote in it
Instead of letting it be done behind the scenes.
I live in a small district and our developer spent over 80,000 to buy an election
Why? According to The state said it was the most ever spent on a district election ever
the peoples candidates were self funded avg of 1000.00 and the backed candidates got an avg of almost 15,000 per person.
Why did a devleoper spend almost 80,000.00 on a nothing election of a water district.
You see it starts in the small communities and goes up from there.
No one ever questioned the election and now you know.
politics at any level are control mechinicism for certain people and thats just sad at any level.
It would be nice to see the voters get rights to vote on there future instead of having someone else do it for them.
I think the people are smart enough to read the truth for themselves.
When the people have the power given back to them it will all workout in the end. If not the wheel will never get fixed

Posted by gimmie a break on 08/01/2010 at 10:08 AM

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