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Sixty seconds with Nina Diaz

Indy: Your recently released second album, Trio B.C., is a major step forward musically. You've still got some of the punk flavor of your debut, Both Before I'm Gone, but a lot of new influences show up in your songwriting, including Sonic Youth and '90s alternative rock. How did the new influences come into play?

ND: The first album was songs I wrote from 13 to 18, so that's a lot of time and experiences and growing up and messing up and fixing things ... It's a crazy, tornado time. I wanted to really listen to what I was doing and let it flow, and find beauty in all types of music and incorporate it somehow into what I was writing, and somehow turn it into something new. I think I'm pretty happy with how I'm starting to write.

Indy: You didn't have a lot of time to write the songs for Trio B.C. It forced you to write while on tour. How easy was that for you?

ND: Ideally, we would love to just get away for a while and have ourselves and everyone just working as a group on every single song. ... But this one was different. ... I'm 21 now, but there were some clubs I couldn't go in [back then], so I'd hide in the van and work on songs. ... Actually, I like to be alone so it was kind of nice to just go into the van and close the doors and suffocate myself in the right way.

Indy: Your band hadn't done much touring before Both Before I'm Gone came out. Now you've had a couple of years of experience playing live. How has the band improved as a live act?

ND: I definitely think we've gotten a lot more comfortable with ourselves and with our instruments, so it definitely shows on stage.

At Denver's 3 Kings Tavern, July 6.


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