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A significant number derive their opinions from talk radio commentary. TV news reportage is still popular, but fewer people get their news from newspapers.

click to enlarge Alaina Kashinskie
  • Alaina Kashinskie

Alaina Kashinskie of Fountain is a baker

What's your primary news source? I get most of my news from Facebook. In the moments when I'd otherwise be watching news on the TV, I'm checking my friends' feeds and gauging their take on things.

Who is your favorite news personage? Katie Couric. She's a hard hitter and really goes after the story. She's a leader in her field.

Is there a news personage you dislike? Rush Limbaugh. He's opinionated and he's wrong much of the time.

Who is your all-time favorite news person? Barbara Walters.

How could news reportage be improved? Less corporate ownership. Right now, six major corporations own all our media.

click to enlarge Brian Becchiarelli
  • Brian Becchiarelli

Brian Becchiarelli of Briargate is a butcher

What is your primary source of news? Talk radio. It's what we listen to at work.

Who's your favorite talk radio person? Rush Limbaugh. I like his views, how he thinks.

Which local TV station do you watch for news? Fox. My parents watch it, so it's always on in our house.

Who is your favorite news person? Megyn Kelly. She's pretty.

Is there a news person you dislike? Mark Levin. He gets me fired up.

Which form of news reportage most influences popular thought? The internet. Videos are more persuasive than words on paper.

click to enlarge Dawn Berger
  • Dawn Berger

Dawn Berger of the east side is a recruiter

What is your primary news source? The internet. I can get to it quick and easy no matter where I am.

Are you a talk radio listener? Never. I want to hear the news, not all the extra noise that comes with talk radio.

Who is your favorite news person? Don Lemon, the host of CNN Tonight. He's well-spoken, gets to the point and isn't argumentative.

Which local TV station do you watch for news? KRDO. It's the station I grew up with.

Do you subscribe to a newspaper? Why do that when it's free on the internet?

Who's your all-time favorite news person? Walter Cronkite. He was around forever and he saw it all.

What's your biggest beef about news reportage? So much of it is fluff — human interest stories, People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight stuff. Less and less of it is real news.

— Bob Campbell

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