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Re: “Long story short

We have been partners with the Wommack ministry for 17 years now, and what attracted us to his ministry was that they were the polar opposite of many ministries that were popular at that time. Here was
a man who, in contrast to the flashy, heaping personal wealth upon themselves, high-living TV
evangelists, was humble and preached a message of hope and God's
love to us. I am not recognizing the person written about in this article.
Many, many inaccuracies, half-truths, equating to yellow journalism.

Andrew bought his home decades ago for 30% of what it is currently
valued; property does have a way of appreciating. The Wommacks
salary is certainly not out of range of what other CEO's of ministries
receive, in fact is probably significantly lower than other similar
businesses or ministries. I know he does great good with his personal
resources, building homes in 3rd world countries, etc. His ministry
covers the globe bringing the 'good news' even across eleven time
zones in Russia.

And as far as whether he successfully prayed for someone to come back from the dead; that kind of news is generally not believed or it's believed to be exaggerated. So it doesn't really surprise me that few in that
area (especially after so much time has elapsed) don't recall such an
event taking place. But, that doesn't alter the fact that it did happen.
Jesus Himself said "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers"
etc. There will always be skeptics, as there no doubt was back in
His day.

The business manager for the ministry has told of how they are so
careful of the ministry's resources, their motto is "Necessities always,
luxuries, never" That doesn't mean that everything has to be thread
bare, or the facilities not being nice, but that they are to be and are excellent
stewards of what God has intrusted them with.

Jesus instructed us as believers to love our enemies, and to do good
to them who despitefully use us, and to rejoice when all manner of
evil is spoken against us. I am confident that those connected with
Andrew Wommack Ministries, will turn the other cheek, and love
the enemies who are coming against them, and behave in a Christ-like manner.
And for the curious, just go to his website, (all resources and downloads are free)
and taste and see that the Lord is good!

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Posted by godslovetoyou on 11/19/2011 at 10:33 AM

Re: “Mixed blessings

I am an outsider, not being a resident of WP, but I don't see what all the fuss is about! Why didn't the good citizens of WP, (gay or otherwise)
band together to buy that property before it was sold? It was a steal,
to buy all that land, with that beautiful lodge and view for what was it, a mere
4 million dollars? That way it would have been kept for the small
town to enjoy as a park, but since you didn't, then since it was up
for sale, and the Wommack Ministry came together to buy the land,
and meet the zoning requirements, then check the Bill of Rights,
realize that they have a right to be there and to build their buildings.
Our country was founded on religious freedom.
People need to bone up on the Constitution, especially the Bill of
Rights. We have the right as citizens to buy property, and within
zoning laws build what we want. It seems that the Wommack
ministry is bending over backwards to comply with all the requirements, so what's the problem?

We have a situation here in our own town where Jehovah Witnesses
want to build a church. Some have objected, (as their views are not traditionally Christian) but I could not join that fight to keep them
out of our town, because they are citizens of this country, & as such
have a right to build a church (within zoning laws of course) where they want. The founder of our town gives land to any church who
wants to build, and they have as much right as any other church to
build here, and to receive the same deal that the Baptists, Catholics
or any other denomination received from the founder.

I think we have a problem in this country in not knowing what the Bill of Rights guarantees every citizen whether we agree with them or not. Now, if in my neighborhood, someone wanted to have a
dog kennel business or something, I would and could object to that, as we have
covenants that prevent that, but in this country, as long as Eminent
Domain, zoning or covenant issues are not in play, Andrew Wommack
Ministries has every right to build their school.

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Posted by godslovetoyou on 11/18/2011 at 9:12 AM

Re: “A Bible thumping

Well, HELLO! this still IS the United States of America, land of the free, where anybody can buy property anywhere and build being mindful of the codes and restrictions. For a particular segment of our society who wants to be treated the same as anyone else, to turn around and be intolerant of another segment of society, well, if you can't see the hypocrisy in that, you are blind. This ministry is about love. If you see someone on a path where you know that they are going to fall off a cliff, plunge into a canyon and die and do nothing to warn them, then you are not being loving, to say the least. We are so politiclally correct in this country now that we can't say anything about them being Muslim, if they murder innocent people, we can't protest when schools try to educate little innocent children about things that they are not ready for, because we might possibly offend a certain group of people. Andrew Wommack Ministries will do nothing but benefit the community of Woodland Park, the town will have God's blessings on it. I can't imagine Andrew teaching anything that would engender or provoke people towards hatred towards any group. That is a red herring. Relax! God loves you, and He wants you free in every respect.

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Posted by godslovetoyou on 05/30/2010 at 6:53 AM

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