Golf's little language problem 

I am having the writing today, now, believe me, about new Ladies Professional Golfers Association rule. We have not much kidding about this, new rule saying all golfers especially South Koreans women have to have much good speak the English. If not, cannot play on American golf tour. You have got to be making the big kidding on me?


When I am first learning about this LPGA golf rule I am having "could have knock me down with a bird" I am so surprised. Hello. If people can't speaking English we cannot play golf? Are we having the big joke? No again. Not so much I am saying it loudly now but tomorrow, too.

Note of the feet: I have writing like this because I am prophession ... professun ... profeshinLL ... I am doing this writing for living with money, many years now. Do not try this sort of write at home unless your family think you are "moron person."

So really now I say like this: LPGA golf, made up of many women and some of them who "like the women" if you are knowing what I meant, says speak English by year 2009. If speak bad English then no play golf, maybe suspension, maybe for long time who knows? Hello.

These are same LPGA golf tour who came "Colorado Springs" play at Broadmoor in 1995, called U.S. Women's Open. Victory go to woman from Sweden I seem to think Annika something, woman with strong legs but not large bottom-area like many "Fore!" don't you know? Broadmoor are charging $4 the dollars for bottle of water even then, like stealing except "resort" and "expect" that ($500 to stay in old room).

Same women, many younger now and not so broad backsides, coming back again to Broadmoor for Women's Open in year 2011. We hear more nicer rooms, and more hotel people not American. Wonder how good they speak the English? For golf, best speak English by then or out.

So how LPGA, having now 45 full-time South Korean lady and one win most every week, leaving blonde American womens 14th place and pouting? So officials of this American golf say that must speak English, the golfers, or will be suspension? Go ask me, is all I can say.

Old woman golfer Carol Mann, who was winning 38 tournaments when she play the LPGA and retire in 1981 and does not so much like the South Korean thing. Carol Mann speak this, no kidding: "I have friends who will turn off the TV or find other things to watch if Koreans are in the lead. A couple of weeks ago there were seven of them. So I think the new rule is terrific."

Oh, very big now I can say maybe this one Carol talk racist like old person and not like Korean people? Yes! Somehow, believe me nows, even some Korean golfers say rule good idea. How? Maybe want to say right thing so don't have to go home and eat the beagle?

"A lot of Korean players think they are being targeted, but it's just because there are so many of them," said golf person Angela Park, who have born Brazil, lives America and have very large ancestry of South Korea. Yessiree Robert. Bob maybe.

South Korean golfer person Seon-Hwa Lee actually have said this: "The economy is bad and we are losing sponsors. Everybody understands."

Not understanding is everyone. For this, taking golf star Padraig Harrington of Irish nation: "It is an amazing statement," Irishman says about weird LPGA law have to speak English.

Irish Padraig person goes to say even more? "Does that mean if you're mute you can't play golf on the LPGA Tour?" he speaks.

Good question being asked up there about people who cannot speak. Good question most indeed. Now.

Other good question and related, of course I ask, is "having mute person play golf, how say this "Goddammit!' when hit bad shot or even "Shit!'?"

I myself now have been saying such words on course since I have been 10 years old. Son of bitch, me, too.

Famous man golf PGA Tour named Angel Cabrera of Argentina country (near Panama, go check geology booklets) is also having large amazement: "You don't have to speak English to play golf," golfer Angel says.

But sure helps. "Goddammit. Son of bitch." See?


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