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We all have foods we favor when feeling blue, festive, health-conscious or plain-and-simple hungry. Some have sampled more exotic fare.

click to enlarge Neal Cully
  • Neal Cully

Neal Cully of Mountain Shadows owns a restaurant

What's your favorite comfort food? Doritos. It's like crunchy crack. Once I eat one, I can't put down the bag.

What dish takes you back to childhood? My mother's god-awful salmon patties. Nobody in the family liked them, but she was very proud of them, so we grinned and bore it and told Mom they were great.

Describe the meal you'd have tonight if you knew it was your last. Grilled salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce with mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Have health concerns ever altered your diet? I eat less red meat, more fish, more salad with a good bleu cheese, but I still enjoy a burger or steak now and then.

What's the weirdest food you've eaten? When my wife and I were in Costa Rica, we couldn't read the menu and ended up ordering fish head soup. It wasn't up our alley.

click to enlarge Jean Harano
  • Jean Harano

Jean Harano of Black Forest is a software engineer and yoga teacher

What's your go-to comfort food? I don't have one. I eat just about anything, except I'm vegan.

Is there a dish you identify with childhood? Cauliflower and eggs: cauliflower, mashed potatoes, boiled eggs and a white sauce.

What meal would you eat tonight if it could be anything you wanted? Sea bass with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes.

Have you ever altered your diet out of health considerations? I've become more vegetarian, and it's reduced my migraines.

Name a meal you think is healthy and tasty. Vegetarian pizza. I'm a pizza fan; loading it up with vegetables makes it even better.

Name a meal you think is healthy and nasty. Brussel sprouts. They're a little bitter to my taste. Also, sauerkraut.

click to enlarge Andy Mello
  • Andy Mello

Andy Mello of Wasson neighborhood is a theater teacher

What's your favorite comfort food? Soup. Especially clam chowder.

What dish takes you back to childhood? Being from coastal Massachusetts, for me it's lobster rolls. My mom used to take us to this place where they toasted hot dog buns and filled them with lobster salad.

What would you have for dinner tonight if it were your last meal? A big boiled lobster with drawn butter, au gratin potatoes, a nice, big salad and a frosty beer.

Name the most exotic fare you've eaten. Sea urchin. Also Williams kidney. It was pretty nasty.

Describe a meal that's both tasty and healthy. Locally grown foods that are lean grilled. A steamed fish with locally grown produce would be perfect.

— Bob Campbell


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