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Re: “The apostle

Mr. K,

Chill...take it are loved

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Posted by Graceman23 on 10/01/2012 at 12:58 PM

Re: “The apostle

Mr. k,

Its're need to continue on this path. you aren't going to change and neither am i. Like they can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink.


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Posted by Graceman23 on 09/29/2012 at 7:30 AM

Re: “The apostle

Mr. K,

you need to chill. you are taking things too personal and letting your emtions get the best out of you. when this happens it causes one not to think clearly, thus leading one to become defensive and sensitive and say things that make no sense. my beef is not with jews, nor their Mosaic beliefs, not even with you.

i am just simply doing my best to educate others on the dangers of listening and following the withcraft doctrines of men like Henderson. i am not an outside spectator when it comes to the false biblical, and erroneous theological teachings of men like Henderson. lets just say that i've been a participator at one time in my life. one who once taught, believed, practiced and was deceived just as Henderson and billions like him are.

so just chill and relax. i am not out to convert you in any way, form or shape. i am simply out to warn people about the false organized christian doctrines of men like Henderson and their manipulating controlling religious nonsense. the gospel is about God's grace, peace and unconditional love. Christ, Minus Our Dead Filthy Rags, Plus Nothing. Chill !!!


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Posted by Graceman23 on 09/28/2012 at 10:37 AM

Re: “'More like heaven'

Fight? Fight against who and what? Sounds more like Christians and other religions set out to control more than anything.

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Posted by Graceman23 on 09/27/2012 at 9:43 AM

Re: “The apostle

Mr. K...,

Moses seat of judgment is simply referring to the Old Testament Law. How the Law given by Moses was impossible for anyone to keep and no matter how much a person attempted to live by it, they always fell short of it's perfect demands, standards and expectations.

How the Old Testament Law kept everyone uinder bondage, and today we have religiously
puffed up men in their own imagination, like Henderson, using the Old testament law to justify their own self-righteousness while putting others under guilt, fear and condemnation.

Moses law never set anyone free. Had it not been for Christ, who by His Amazing grace and shedding of His own blood, redeemed all men from the curse of the law, and crucified the law of Moses to His own body, forgiving the sins of all men, the entire world would still be judged by the Old testament Law.

All of the prophets, the law of Moses, the Psalms, apostles, gifts and what have you have , and who have you, been fulfilled in Christ. IT IS FINISHED ! We are under a dispensation of grace. Not under the judgment seat of the Law of Moses. Men like Henderson need to be exposed.

For too many years people have been afraid to challenge and expose the religious heresy, and erroneous theology and false teachings of men like Henderson. Like millions
of the likes of Henderson, he is just another religious, bias politician behind a bully pulpit. Men like him come a dime a dozen. The Gospel is about Goodnews, not bad news.


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Posted by Graceman23 on 09/27/2012 at 9:35 AM

Re: “The apostle

Colorado Springs has enough "WACO'S" - "LOCO'S" - Madcow religious disease, mixed nuts, self-righteous and holier than thou legalists as it is, and adding another fault finder, sin pointing and fruit inspector apostate, only infects the minds of the simple who fall for all of the false demonic religious doctrines of men.

These flight by night, self appointed, heavenly minded and no earthly good, puffed up so called apostles are nothing more than men and women who have led themselves into believing and thinking that they've been given the power from above to sit in Moses' seat of judgment, jury, and executioners.

Like all the rest of our holier than thou religious freaks in Colorado Springs, Henderson is just another one of them who pulls passages out the bible out of context. They are fear mungers. There is no grace nor unconditional love in their legalistic message. With these
brute beasts is all about "Do good get blessed, do bad get beat."

Their relationship with God is all about performance. Is all about leading the simple minded to believe that they been given the power to find a demon in every door knob. Henderson is a wannabe nut just like the other relgious deceiver in Denver, Bob Larson, who has made millions of dollars by using the power of suggestion. Thus destroying the minds of millions by making them believe that they are demon possessed.

Mr. Henderson, since you obviously have no idea what the difference is between old testament law and new testament grace, let me remind you that the REAL Apostle
Paul taught in Ephesians, that it was Christ who DESTROYED ALL principlaities and powers, not YOU ! The devil you should be casting out is the one you have in your
puffed up religious mind. You are more of a "Profit" than a prophet. Get a job !

Your doctrine is all about fear, hell, fire, and brimstone. You and others like you are the modern day "Far-you-see's, and Sad-you-see's." The ones that Jesus exposed as being
twice a child of the devil. "For you hipocrites set out to convert others, and all you end up doing is making them twice a child of the devil as you yourselves are." Henderson, like the rest, are in need of some serious mental counseling. Simply because they are victims of "Spiritual Abuse."



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Posted by Graceman23 on 09/26/2012 at 1:07 PM

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