Green wave 

With the mass pigout of the past decades looking increasingly ugly, almost everyone seems more environmentally conscious these days worried about the future, thinking about ways to conserve.

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Allison Edwards
Old Colorado City

Speech therapist
What have you done this year to be environmentally friendly? I compost everything that comes out of my kitchen. I buy only organic vegetables and coffee. Just this morning, I cancelled my subscription to the Gazette to save trees.

What's your most wasteful habit? I do home health, so my job requires a lot of driving. I love the job, but it uses so much gasoline.

How might global warming affect you personally? If it's going to kill a grasshopper, it's ultimately not good for me.

Do you grow any of your own food? I already have some of those little tomatoes and some red bell peppers coming up in my kitchen window.

Would you ever become vegetarian? I am one. I lean towards vegan, but now and then I crave eggs and cheese.

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Kathy McQuillan
Shooks Run

In what ways do you try to be environmentally friendly? I make it a point to pick up trash wherever I go, and I recycle weekly.

What's your most wasteful habit? Driving from client to client in my job. I try to do it methodically, but it's still wasteful.

If you could, how would you make things more green? Have everyone drive a "smart car."

How might global warming affect you? It creates drought conditions in mountain areas, increasing the chances of fire.

Would you ever become vegetarian? I already am, about 90 percent.

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Mark Kalmus

Coffee shop owner
How have you been environmentally friendly this past year? I recycle diligently. All my light bulbs are now CFLs. I drive as little as possible.

If you could, how would you be more green? Turn my house into a passive-energy home.

Do you grow any of your own food? We grow tomatoes, but winter goes on and on here. Back in Austin, you can pretty much grow things except one weekend in January.

Does homegrown food taste better? Homegrown bursts with flavor compared to store-bought. Put a slice of homegrown tomato on a BLT, and it's phenomenal.

Would you ever go vegetarian? Probably not.

What do you wish was recyclable? They don't recycle glass around here. It's recyclable, though.


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