Hard times, hard choices 

Even as Fort Carson booms, Colorado Springs slogs through this tough economy. The latest challenge: a projected $17 million shortfall in sales tax revenues. Where should City Council's priorities be?

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Alan Muratet
Stratmoor Hills


Rate the following by importance: youth sports, senior services, road and bridge upkeep, bus service. Road and bridge upkeep first, then bus service. Senior and kid programs last.

Why road and bridge upkeep first? That's a lot higher responsibility than providing football games for kids.

Why youth programs last? You can play sports in the street and on school playgrounds without having it organized by the city.

Fort Carson is about to spend $580 million on new construction. What's your take on that? If it's for on-base housing, fine, but not if it's for new gyms, swimming pools or community centers.

Is the Springs economy too dependent on Fort Carson? Way too much. We have no industry, we don't do manufacturing. We have no diversification.

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Sharon Mullally
West side

Office manager

Prioritize the following: youth sports, senior services, road and bridge upkeep, bus service. Bus service, then senior services, bridge and road upkeep, youth sports.

Why put bus service first? A number of people where I work depend on the bus to get there. Lots of people around town do, too.

Why youth programs last? Most parents can provide extracurricular activities for their kids if it's really important to them.

Is the local economy too reliant on a military presence? Yes, but that could end up being a good thing with the change in administration.

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Rosemary McBride
Manitou Springs

Registered nurse

Rank the following by importance: youth sports, senior services, bridge and road upkeep, bus service. Bus service, then youth and senior programs, then bridge and road upkeep.

Why do you rank youth programs so high? There's so many latchkey kids out there who need outlets, places to go, things to do to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Why put bridge and road upkeep so low? That's important, but I'm more focused on programs that directly involve people.

Should police and firefighter budgets be exempt from cutbacks? Yes. A shrinking economy increases violence, crime and social problems.

Is the area economy too linked to Fort Carson? We're more dependent on tourism and retirees than we are on Fort Carson.


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