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If teachers packed heat, some believe our schools would be safer. But is it fair to add that kind of responsibility to our teachers' workloads, and if not, is there a better solution?

click to enlarge Vickie Steele

Vickie Steele from the west side is a bookkeeper

The El Paso County sheriff wants to train teachers to carry concealed weapons. What do you think of the idea? I think teachers should absolutely carry concealed weapons, so they can protect their students and themselves. But it shouldn't be required, it should be a choice.

Do you think having armed security guards or police at every school would be an effective deterrent to school shootings? I think it would be extremely effective, but I don't think the school districts would want to spend the money and I wouldn't want it to take away from teachers' salaries.

Can you think of any one thing that really would make our schools safer? I used to think lockdowns were the answer, but that doesn't work either, especially with high school. Armed guards would at least deter the shooters. But both parents and teachers need to teach kids to be nicer, and teach them to feel empathy for others.

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Shannon Walker from Fountain is a federal contractor

Do you think teachers in our schools should be trained to carry concealed weapons? No, I think it's a bad idea. What if a teacher has a bad day, or feels provoked? It could be dangerous.

How effective would it be to have armed security guards or police at every school? That would be good. They're trained to do it, so I like that idea better than the teachers trying to do it.

Do you believe schools are more dangerous today than when you were a kid? It's kind of the same. It's the same issues, but a different crowd.

As a society, how do you think we've gotten to this point? I think that parents have lost control over their kids. They aren't involved enough with their kids' lives and the kids end up taking control.

click to enlarge Sue Buttenwieser

Sue Buttenwieser from the central area is a scan assistant

Do you think teachers should be trained to carry concealedweapons? If they want to I think it would be a good idea, but armed guards at all the doors would be a better option.

Do you think schools are more dangerous today than when you were a kid? Yes. It's just the way society has progressed.

What do you think is to blame? Violence is glamorized, and it's everywhere ... movies, TV, video games. When I was a kid we didn't see as much violence. It's up to the parents to control how much violence their kids are exposed to.

What's one thing that would make our schools safer? Besides armed guards at every door, there needs to be more help for mental illness. People who arementally ill need extra help and extra care, and they're not getting it.


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