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The dark side

Lately I've spent a lot of time walking, riding my bicycles and using the bus. I sold my car four weeks ago. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. There are a lot of good people out there. Many are quite considerate and courteous.

There is also no shortage of hecklers and clowns. They yell derogatory comments at pedestrians and cyclists as they whiz by in the safety of their automobile. Then they're long gone.

So I'll use this opportunity to tell them what they are. If you are one of these hecklers, you are a shameful, foolish coward. This personality trait indicates ignorance. You most likely are a person of low character, without compassion. You have no honor. Displaying this behavior in front of your children is dishonoring them, teaching them weakness.

Compassion is not a weakness. It is a strength. So is common courtesy and respect for others. Particularly when directed toward those less fortunate.

Compassion and respect indicate higher functioning. These are what our children need. Not mindless clown acts.

— Scott Freeman

Manitou Springs

Glitter-bomber regrets

It may be my fault students are not allowed to attend the GOP debate on their own campus in Boulder. That is not OK.

Back in 2012 I had serious concerns about a Mitt Romney presidency. Namely his want to privatize public education, his persistence that corporations are people and his rejection of the LGBT community and their rights. So I decided to glitter-bomb Romney.

Not only was Romney speaking in a free-speech zone, but no politician or public figure should be sheltered from protest in America. Freedom of expression is our First Amendment right. We should be able to interject into the political conversation at any point of an election. It should be a crime to attempt to stifle a person's, especially a student's, freedom of political expression.

That is why the GOP's obvious play to shut out the more left-leaning Boulder campus from the presidential debate is a travesty. The students, who pay for the grounds and arena where that forum will take place, are being barred from the debate. No doubt only small groups like the College Republicans will receive invites, with the majority on the sideline.

I cannot help but feel responsible. My protest was given international attention from Wolf Blitzer to the London Times. I believe that the GOP is so worried about a similar event occurring that they are excluding Boulder students.

The students should protest this event. CU should demand a minimum of 20 percent student involvement, and the GOP should realize they can't come to Boulder and bar Boulderites because they fear students will see through them.

I am sorry to the entire student body if I have contributed to this violation of your political expression. I hope you receive justice for this indecency.

— Peter Lucas Smith

CU Class of 2013

Highlands Ranch

Misreading history

Jim Daly's take on recent events surrounding Kim Davis ("In good faith," Sept. 23) seems to excuse a civil servant from doing her duty with regard to issuing licenses, in this case, marriage licenses. Davis ran for the office she now holds, and took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, which states in its preamble that we are bound together as a people to "establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." Nowhere does it say "except for..."

Davis has a right to her own conscience and beliefs, but not to mine or anyone else's. She can fulfill her duties as a public servant, or she can resign her position if she is unwilling to serve all citizens equally. Surely Daly would not support her if she refused a marriage license to an interracial couple, or a gun permit based on her reading of the Bible. Clearly the Old Testament states "thou shall not kill" so she might be on firmer ground there if she chose that course.

It is beyond time for all of us to "let freedom ring" and move this nation forward into a brighter future. Join us, Mr. Daly. I think you will breathe much easier if you do.

— Bob Armintor

Colorado Springs

Political freak show

I appreciate something to laugh at, especially since Rich Tosches has retired. While Donald Trump has provided some laughs, it's disturbing that his huge appeal seems to be to the Amy Alkons of society; i.e., the small, mean-spirited, unevolved folks who get great pleasure in putting down others — people like the guy from Donald's New Hampshire town hall meeting, whose anger and hostility toward Muslims and President Obama were palpable. That man made himself look like a horse's ass.

The Donald's comment wondering how anyone could vote for a face like Carly Fiorina's led me to wonder if he thinks the presidential race is all about looks over intelligent thought.

If Abraham Lincoln were alive today and also a presidential hopeful, what might Donald say about Abe's face?! He was not a handsome man — he was all about substance and for doing what was right and correct. If Stephen Hawking were running for office, I shudder to think what Trump would call him!

The presidential race is not like American Idol or the Miss America contest. We could use fresh ideas and positive action in this country, but snotty remarks are best left in the junior-high playground.

BTW, Carly Fiorina is very attractive and Stephen Hawking is a genius. Donald is neither of those. He is merely good for a laugh, and I do thank him for that.

— Bernadette Young

Colorado Springs

Embrace the refugees

Growing up in a conservative suburb of Chicago, my parents were quite vocal about whom I picked for friends.

I never understood why I couldn't play with the Japanese kids down the street (my grandparents were German immigrants) and I couldn't be friends with a Jewish girl or a black girl in school (they weren't allowed in our community anyway). Worst of all, when John F. Kennedy became president, the Pope was going to run our country!

When I started to date, I was advised the Italian boys were all "Wops ... greaseballs," the Irish were "drunks," Englishmen were "limeys," Poles were "dumb," Puerto Ricans are "spicks."

It was such a relief when I came out West and escaped all that Midwestern bigotry. Of course that was the '50s and '60s, and now we are all so much more enlightened and accepting!

We now have a new refugee crisis. The Syrian and Iraqi Muslims are coming to take over!

In 1979 I sponsored Vietnamese refugees who enriched my family's life far more than anything we ever gave them. They became American citizens, created businesses and are highly successful taxpayers, not "moochers" like the Republican candidates say.

It is my hope Colorado Springs will embrace the refugees escaping the horrendous conditions in their lives and become great citizens of this country, as refugees have always been in the history of our country. We are all God's children, and that is what makes America great.

I am not a Catholic, or a Christian, but Pope Francis has it right!

— Elaine Brush

Colorado Springs


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