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Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Ok, well i guess i will just stay out of this whole conversation. Sounds like you all have already made up your mind.

Not surprised, your right i do not know the in depth material about the comptroller position. Only what i have done research on.

Posted by helix99 on 04/13/2010 at 7:33 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Juno, I am sorry that you will not sleep at night. However; the 50,000 dollar thing is really not a lot of money at all especially when you look at the things accomplished by this person. Correct me if I am wrong but, this position produces equipment and millions of dollars in grants for the Sheriff’s Office. And it’s obvious that with the track record of the Sheriff’s Office, this person will be a great addition to bring the community essential things to stay one of the most respected agencies across the United States. If you were in a position where you handle millions of dollars a day, wouldn’t you want to be paid to do it?

The Ms. Huntz thing is not even worth commenting on at all. If you got caught doing something outside of work that brought discredit to you not your work would you get fired, no. I believe Ms. Huntz also asked for approval and was given permission by the old Undersheriff not Maketa. So why would people come after Maketa for something he had nothing to do with.

Also wanted to comment on Shirk’s main campaign theory. Shirk’s big thing is adding “20%” more patrol Deputies to the streets. Of course me as a citizen of the county would love to have more cops on the streets but, in reality we are one of the safest cities throughout the United States, voted #1 for one of the best places to raise a family. If there is citizen that is need of a immediate response, Deputies will be there quick without a question. Everyone acts like “I dialed 911 and no Deputy showed up”. Not even close I have called for Deputies to respond to my residence out East and they were there in a matter of minutes. Again don’t get caught up with the 20% more Deputies. Shirk says that cause he is afraid to say the actual number which, is around 10 or 12.

Parkview1649, I am sorry that you feel that way about the Sheriff’s Office and it’s employees maybe you will loose some sleep like Juno. The Deputies and Employee’s that I have delt with are respectful, courteous, and believe in the safety of this community. Again I also want to reiterate the success of the Sheriff’s Office compared to the agencies around the state but, hey I am just a citizen with a family that truly cares about our community and the safety of my children.

Posted by helix99 on 04/13/2010 at 12:05 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

to Juno, the way you write makes you sound like you were a former employee of the Sheriff's Office and you have a little grudge against the Sheriff's Office staff. Just saying you sure throw a lot of allegations around without proof of anything.

to parkview1649, So your saying that if Shrik is elected all his little friends and buddy's will not be joining him in Sheriff's Office? come on we all know that is not true and that there is favoritism in every job throughout the US.

Posted by helix99 on 04/13/2010 at 7:43 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

15200neida, oh i know he has a rough campaign trail ahead of him and the reason i say the community loves him is because he already had the majority of the support. Take a look at his website. Despite the County Assembly numbers, all that tells me is that Shirk did a better job at his speech and telling the voters what they want to hear. Maketa has already been there, done that. Why do you think Shirk sent out campaign letters a week before. Maketa has done no campaigning at this point and still won. Yes, Shirk will pose a good challenge for a little while or until Maketa starts campaigning and Shirk will realize the community support. Maketa's level of experience out weighs Shirk by a mile. Shirk to me just seems like he will be the office boss where all he will do is bark orders up and down and do it because he is boss not because it is better for the office. Maketa has worked at the Sheriff's Office and learned all aspects of this office. Shirk is a Chief and has remained in the city aspect of all things. Shirk looks good now but, when it comes to standing up to the commissioners and getting things done, people will elect Terry.

What i really don't understand is that Shirk says it's time for a change and then promises to change things after that statement. I mean really, aren't we all a little tired of hearing that crap. Stick with what is absolute not play the guessing game.

Posted by helix99 on 04/12/2010 at 4:47 AM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Well Woomorres, nothing was said bad about the Monument Police Department. They are a great agency and have wonderful officer's working there. Just saying when this all said and done Terry will be on top. Maybe you should look at what each candidate has accomplished within their department and you will be surprised at the difference. This community loves Terry and though there was only a 100 vote difference Terry pulled ahead again.

To cops4change, you will also find that several of Shirk's friends and family and his current campaign treasure were delegates.

Posted by helix99 on 04/11/2010 at 5:43 PM

Re: “County assemblies give parties chance to set their course for election year

Good morning, I have been reading all these comments about Maketa and Shirk and it just makes me laugh. All of you need to do a little research and you will find that Shirk is not the person for the job. First, Shirk wants to add "20%" more Deputies to the streets. take a wild guess of how many actual Deputies that is. Well, at this point you should be saying well i don't know. it is 12 Deputies, that's all. and guess what that means 12 more cop cars outfitted to perform their duties. Second, Civilizing the jail. That means the hundred or more Deputies are now getting paid less to do a job that no one else wants to do. Also take a look at Shirks help with "civilizing" the Arapaho County Sheriff's Jail and you will find that the jail is in poor quality and that the jail does not have Federal Immigrations Officer's unlike El Paso County Sheriff's Office. Terry Maketa has turned the EL Paso County Sheriff's Office into a place where people have fun at work and do a good job. It is one of the highest, most recognized agencies across the US because of Terry. If Shirk is elected i promise you that the quality of work and the community safety will slowly trickle down hill. Third, Shirk made a comment that his officer's in monument always are helping Deputies on calls when they are in that area. This is a true statement, the deputies and all other agencies work as a team to accomplish a goal, the safety and security of this community. But, do you think for a second that the Sheriff's Office is not helping them? actually the Sheriff's Office provides them with help and support whenever they need it. If Monument Police Department has a big call, who do you think they ask to respond and help out. Yep, the Sheriff's Office. Why, because they are well trained individuals who can get a job done and put the criminals in jail. Again do some research before making up your mind. Terry is a fantastic Sheriff and loves this community. When you dial 911 cause someone is trying to break in your home Terry has been the one to provide the tools, training, and compassion to the Deputies coming to save your life.

Posted by helix99 on 04/11/2010 at 8:45 AM

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