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A recent story in the Independent reported that the Broadmoor Hotel not only steals tips earned by hard-working service workers, but also denies them the 10 minute rest breaks required by the state for every four hours worked.

Outraged by the company's theft of his money and time, an employee tried to take his complaint to court but learned that an arbitration clause hidden in the fine print of his new-hire paperwork prevented him from doing so. And arbitration is in there because it almost always favors corporations.

In Colorado, what's legal – forced arbitration – isn't always fair. 
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But there is some hopeful news. Senate Bill 93, endorsed by the NAACP Colorado State Conference, would prevent conflicts of interest by establishing ethical standards for arbitrators. It will create basic transparency so workers can research patterns of abuse and prevent unjust terms from being enforced, like requiring low-wage employees to travel out of state for arbitration.

It is despicable that the Broadmoor, owned by a billionaire, would use such measures to unjustly nickle and dime employees, many of whom work hard, long hours but can barely make ends meet.

Urge your elected state officials to pass Senate Bill 93 to level the arbitration playing field so everyone gets a fair shake.

Frank D. Lytle, of Colorado Springs



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