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Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt


I think it says more about Congress than it does about Mikey if they call someone to Hill just to beat up on him. While I don’t see that as the case, Mikey is to be commended for enduring those slings and arrows. And Congress does not call inconsequential people to the Hill to give them a beat down. An attempted mugging of this sort signifies the recipient has a big voice on the issue that compels a beat down. They desperately want to shut him up because he is making a difference with what he has to say. If he were not they would not be interested in trying to ambush him and call him a jerk. As much as it may gripe your longest gut, Mikey was asked to the Hill because he is making progress against a certain faction’s sacred cows.

You seem to be quite an expert on Mikey, maybe even a little obsessed. He seems to be living rent free in your head. I am not sure what his “100 Most Influential People in US Defense” rating has to do with the merits of the MRFF cause. I am unclear how coverage in “widely-read mainstream publications” equates tohow important a cause is. In fact, I would argue that the importance of a cause is frequently inversely proportional to its coverage in the mainstream press. If he is so ignored then how can you substantiate your “attention whore” allegation? It cannot be both at the same time.

You obviously have not been paying attention if you need someone to unpack the impact Mikey has had on religious policy in the military. If he had no impact you would not have such passion. I think you are the one that needs to Google.

Are you on the Nobel committee? I thought not. You have no way of knowing who will win that award. You are just wishful thinking. BTW it usually takes someone friendly to you to nominate you. Enemies do not usually nominate you.

I do believe you are confused about the MRFF mission. It is not the highly acclaimed Wounded Warrior Project, and it is not serving veterans. Are you sure you are on the right page? When it comes to benefiting military service people on the particular issue of protecting them from un-Constitutional 1st Amendment malfeasance, MRFF has a track record of success.

"Facebook Likes is a simple way for people to indicate their engagement and support of a cause. "However, we hear every day, of politician Facebook pages that have a large percentage of fake followers. It can be so easily manipulated. And even if it were not, having a Facebook page is not ubiquitous. Facebook pages are not mandatory. Your naiveté is endearing but a fallacious argument. There is no correlation.

Before Mikey started the MRFF he already had a lifetime of relevance and meaning. No one can take that away from him. His relevance and importance is indelible.

“I don't think those advocates deserve to drive a Lotus, either.” So what do they deserve to drive? Can I come to your house and tell you what I think you need to drive?

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Posted by High Flight on 12/03/2014 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Updates on Mikey, Klingenschmitt


When someone leads an important yet controversial cause, and he garnishes a lot of attention for doing so, and he happens to enjoy that attention, it does not make his cause any less vital and important. By any measure, you cannot claim to be an expert of what Mikey craves in his heart and if he does derive some measure of pleasure from the attention he gets, a reasonable person can argue that at a minimum he deserves that much for the great personal sacrifices he must make to lead this cause, including enduring the vile threats on the safety and lives of his family. Furthermore, by suggesting he is “trying” to get attention for himself, you are intentionally insulting Mikey to change the subject from the real issue here.

If in fact, Mikey has “no real voice or seat at the table” then why are you wasting your time in print here? You leave readers no choice but to believe you have no winning argument against what MRFF fights for, so you instead hurl insults like “maniac,” “personality-disordered mouth-breathing zealots,” or my personal favorite “crazy pants,” at MRFF supporters.

What business is it of yours what Mikey’s annual salary is? Because he leads a controversial cause, are you suggesting that he is supposed to live a life of poverty? So what salary should he draw? Who gets to decide? How is his salary connected to the worthiness of the MRFF cause? How is the number of Facebook fans connected to the validity of Mikey’s work? Are the most popular causes the only ones that are right? How do you know what the Washington Post wants or does not want? Testifying before Congress is the farthest thing from “Policy-makers, influencers and others with the REAL POWER TO CHANGE THINGS won't touch him with a 20-foot pole.” What greater policy making body is there?

To answer your question: “Doesn't the very idea of a book that's nothing but hate-mail letters seem desperate, pathetic and egotistical to you?” No. It demonstrates the utter depravity and moral bankruptcy of the people that are vomiting their ignorant hatred in those poison pen emails. Had I never read those emails, I could not believe that someone claiming to be a Christian could be capable of uttering such bile to a fellow human being.

The fact that Mikey does not have to respond for himself and has so many capable and willing to respond so intelligently and eloquently on his behalf speaks volumes about the man and our mutual cause.

I don’t know you but the impression you leave me with is that you are somehow jealous of Mikey’s salary, think that a book full of vile threats is an act of ego, and that there is a threshold number of Facebook fans that you must reach before you can be taken seriously.

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Posted by High Flight on 12/02/2014 at 9:14 AM

Re: “'I'm done with him'

What happened to you, Retired Army Colonel Dave Hughes, who graduated in the Class of 1950 of West Point, and fought two wars as an infantry officer? I would imagine that a man so dedicated to supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States for three decades, would not have retired from that oath when he retired from the Army. I admit that my observations about your comments are made only with the benefit of reading your thoughts for the first time, but even the most casual observer can see that when your opening salvo is an ad hominem attack, expectations are diminished that a powerful substantive argument will follow. You did not disappoint.

We all agree that Academy leadership does carry the important responsibility of preparing cadets to potentially command at the highest levels in the Air Force. That being said, that does not excuse the dissonance between teaching future leaders what it means to defend the Constitution of the United States, while at the same time in practice, ignoring one of the Constitutions most basic precepts. Moreover, how can you consider ignoring cadet complaints about any Constitutional violation, and call it a distraction that is “not worth the Academy’s time?”

As for teaching at West Point; Kris Kristoferson taught at West Point and that does not qualify him to be the judge on waiving the Constitution and forcing all cadets to me marched to a classroom every week and indoctrinated into atheism. Imagine for a moment that that were so, and the poor cadets that dare not speak out about their faith in God for fear of reprisal or being ostracized for being out of the mainstream. Like most 18 year olds that had just been broken down in 6 weeks of basic training, they would be ripe for indoctrination, and in spite of their parents cries of protest back home in small town USA, these kids would become leaders in this Academy/government indorsed belief system. Or they might do as other 18 year olds do, and go along to be accepted thinking that one day when they get in the “real Air Force” they will finally have freedom to worship God. But they would not be prepared for that first commander that asks them to come join in their atheism meeting once a week. Wanting to please the boss, they again keep their mouth shut and act like it does not bother them, just like your classmates did when they marched to Chapel with you starting in 1946.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but those of us born after you graduated from West Point in 1950, can still recognize a dangerous assault on liberty when the machinery of the state is engaged to support one particular sect of Christianity to the exclusion of all other religions or world views. Do you really mean to suggest that because you were a Christian before and after you entered West Point and were married in a Christian wedding, that the verdict is out on what every other military academy graduate’s religion should be?

And so you end your argument with a nice Christian one-two name-calling punch. You prove that you have completely missed the point by accusing Mikey and the MRFF of trying to dictate what is, or is not, 'religiously acceptable.” This is not about what is “religiously acceptable;” on the contrary it is about what is constitutionally acceptable and it’s about preserving everyone’s right to believe and practice in whatever way they see fit as individuals. But moreover, it’s about having that freedom without having someone else’s belief system forced on you by an arm of the government. We already have an Air Force Academy where an atheist is supposed to be free to serve right alongside Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, or any other religion or lack thereof. You need to get it out of your head that it is an evangelical dominionist Christian AF Academy, and so does Academy Leadership.

Posted by High Flight on 08/24/2011 at 8:38 AM

Re: “'I'm done with him'


I have been looking forward to my 35th Class Reunion at the Air Force Academy and the chance to catch up with my old squadron mates and regale in the "Spirit of '76!" Graduating from the Air Force Academy in the year of our nation's bicentennial celebration, gave me a laser-like focus on the importance and brilliance of our American freedoms. I don't have to tell you that chief among those, and listed first in the Constitution, is the insurance that Congress will make no law respecting the establishment of religion. In the 35 years since I graduated from USAFA I have watched in silent terror as the evangelical dominionist Christians have infiltrated the highest positions of leadership in our Nation's military. What seemed at first like a harmless faction, has at long last blanketed Air Force leadership. My classmates Jack Catton and Mike Gould are prime examples. Please pardon the cliche, but I have long maintained that allowing Mike Gould to be the Superintendant of the Air Force Academy was like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.

Having said that, I am sorry to say I was not surprised yet I was severely disappointed when I read the following email reminding my class of the approaching reunion. Perhaps you can imagine the feelings of disenfranchisement as I read the following reminder about our upcoming reunion festivities in Colorado Springs. Everything was fine until I reached the final bullet about the cadet-ministries get-together. It is wrong on so many levels. It suggests that my entire class endorses these decidedly evangelical dominionist Christian ministries, and it jams their brand of religion down every other 76er's throat, whether they like it or not. Our Class of '76 Academy reunion has been hijacked! Our Air Force has been hijacked!

To add insult to injury, over the last year Class of 1976 Academy Association of Graduates correspondence has replaced our class motto "Spirit of '76!" with "The Spirit Lives!" Instead of celebrating the founding of our country and our association with it's biccentennial, we have insidiously changed our class motto and ethos to one of praising the "Spirit." While I have deeply held religious convictions of my own, being a part of the Class of 1976, was by design not affiliated with an indorsed religion. The cavalier cadet-Christian-ministries announcement at the end of this email is so brazen that it makes me literally sick to my stomach with grief. I speak for others that don't dare speak because they depend on making a living in a defense-industrial complex that is swimming with evangelical dominionist senior leaders, in and out of uniform. I can't think of anything less American or antithetical to what it meant to be a member of the Class of 1976, than living under the tyranny of a government endorsed religion. This was never supposed to happen in this country. So on behalf of classmates that have shared the same feelings I have expressed in this email I am turning to you Mikey and the MRFF to fight the fight we are unable to fight.

Spirit of '76!

The following is the text of the AOG Email referenced above and that I received today:
Fellow 76er's,

We are just a few weeks away from our 35th Reunion. A few items for your information:
Register for Events: If you plan to attend any of the events during our reunion, and have not yet registered, please go to the AOG website and register. We need to have an accurate head counts for the events. Click on the Class Reunions to the right of the page and go to the link for the Class of 1976. After August 22 there will be a late registration fee.

Hotel Registration: There are still rooms available at the Marriott if you have not already booked yours.

Dress code for events: Most of our reunion events are very casual but a few require a bit more. Thursday evening Ice Breaker at the Carlton House - open collar with jacket (sport coat). Friday evening dinner at the Marriott - open collar with jacket (sport coat) OR your registration football jersey

Saturday morning tailgate: The tailgate will start at 1130 (2 hours prior to kickoff). Strongly suggest you plan to arrive close to tailgate start time in order to be able to park close to the tailgate area. PLEASE NOTE: This is not the AOG tailgate, which is open to all. Check your reunion registration packet for specific location.

Cadet Ministries Get-together: A cadet ministries (BSU, Campus Crusade, Bauman's Study, OCF, Navigators, etc.) get-together is being planned for Saturday morning before the class tailgate party. If you are interested, e-mail Stan Rader for information and to RSVP.

See you in a few weeks!

Association of Graduates
3116 Academy Drive | USAF Academy, CO 80840
(719) 472-0300 | www.usafa.org | aog@aogusafa.org

Posted by High Flight on 08/21/2011 at 2:45 PM

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